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Headstone for Edward Taylor and Catherine Stedman
Headstone for Edward Taylor and Catherine Stedman

Welcome to Stedman Family Organization Genealogies.

This is a research site.

For me, it is a place to publish my research on Stedman families worldwide. For you, it will be a place to learn more about the Stedman families that you care about. The genealogies compiled here are meant to be documented Family Frameworks, not Family Histories. I expect you to add the "music" to bring YOUR family to life and to understand the history of your Stedman family.

I try to be specific on this site as to what spelling of the Stedman surname each person used. Yet, we see that over the course of the life of many people their name was recorded differently or they just changed how they chose to spell it. Do not be alarmed; I am documenting Stedmans, Steadmans, Steedmans, Stidmans, and several other spelling versions.

My research is divided into two trees and some individuals may be found in each tree. Most Stedmans should be able to ultimately trace their ancestry back to the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland. One tree is mostly the Stedman Families in the North America now whose ancestors came before the American Revolution. This is the largest tree as I have been working on it for almost twenty years. The other tree is everyone else. Currently, most of my research is focused on the latter tree.

From this page, you can search for your known ancestors and, likely, discover more about them and their ancestors and extended families. Maybe even some things you did not want to know!

Check out the Photos, Documents, and Histories pages as you may find items of interest to you. I encourage you to register for an account with the site as I give registered users access to additional information and abilities. One of the abilities that has been requested and I can now provide is the ability for you to upload your own photos and document images.

Lastly, we have an active Stedman Surname DNA project. We need Stedman men to join this project. We have been able to correct many previously published Stedman genealogies through DNA testing, yet we still have many important families that have not been characterized with DNA. We will have articles about our DNA research on the Blog portion of this site.

Thank you for stopping by. Please send us comments with your additions, updates, and, even, corrections.

John B. Lisle
Nashua, New Hampshire USA
Founder and Administrator, Stedman Surname DNA Project
Administrator, RootsWeb Stedman Surname Email Lists
Stedman Surname Registrant, Guild of One Name Studies (London)

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