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Boston, Suffolk Co., MA


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 42.3586349722222, Longitude: -71.0566997222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Hepzibah  Between 1690 and 1700Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I59350
2 Alden, Nathaniel  9 Jul 1668Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I59351
3 Alford, Sarah  17 Mar 1693/94Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53578
4 Alleyne, Arabella Dudley  10 Apr 1835Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62648
5 Alleyne, Emily Anna Clarke  10 Jan 1831Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62647
6 Ambler, Bathsheba  Feb 1777Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30789
7 Amory, Georgina Margaret  Mar 1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52803
8 Amory, Jonathan  1 Jun 1763Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52806
9 Amory, Rebecca  8 Jan 1771Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52757
10 Anastasi, Martin  11 Dec 1911Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I80434
11 Antolini, Albert A.  15 Sep 1911Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64192
12 Appleton, Harry G.  Abt 1873Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I66996
13 Apthorp, Susan  8 Oct 1734Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52709
14 Ashton, Frances  4 Mar 1804Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52602
15 Atkins, Emma  19 Mar 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11391
16 Atkins, Sarah S. S.  Abt 1843Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11390
17 Babbitt, Laura W.  18 Feb 1839Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34790
18 Babbitt, Col. Lawrence Sprague  18 Feb 1839Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34789
19 Bailey, Katherine E.  Abt 1895Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32155
20 Ballister, Sarah Elizabeth  24 Mar 1817Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I18793
21 Bangs, Hannah Thompson  13 Jun 1790Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72588
22 Barrett, Sarah  13 Mar 1763Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64088
23 Barrows, Georgiana Souther  7 Aug 1918Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I67306
24 Baxter, Clarissa  11 Feb 1797Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11001
25 Baxter, Silence Swift  22 Jan 1801Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11576
26 Baxter, Sophia  15 Feb 1800Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11575
27 Bellizia, John Alfred  5 Feb 1911Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I31577
28 Bent, Ebenezer  23 Apr 1712Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52561
29 Berry, Clark Tuttle  14 Apr 1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72503
30 Berry, Eliza Jane  21 Oct 1858Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72505
31 Berry, James Gilman  6 Aug 1856Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72504
32 Berry, Mary A.  Abt 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72500
33 Berry, Sarah Clarke  19 Apr 1852Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72501
34 Bigelow, Dr. Henry Bryant Ph. D.  3 Oct 1879Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11071
35 Blackleach, Elizabeth  25 May 1659Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I80688
36 Blake, Arthur Welland  5 Nov 1840Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53037
37 Blake, Joseph  5 Feb 1738/39Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53046
38 Blake, Capt. Joshua  1779Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53041
39 Blake, Stanton  8 May 1837Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53040
40 Blanchard, Elizabeth Cabot  27 May 1809Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64094
41 Blanchard, Samuel  29 Feb 1756Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64093
42 Boardman, Sarah Ruggles  29 Apr 1787Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34010
43 Boardman, William  1 May 1760Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64028
44 Bodkin, Sarah  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I1906
45 Borland, Jane  24 Apr 1732Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64099
46 Bowker, George Ellis  2 Jul 1865Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72583
47 Bowker, George R.  Abt 1839Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72576
48 Bowker, Perez G.  Abt 1808Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72577
49 Boyer, Elizabeth  30 May 1753Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52711
50 Bradford, Melatiah  1 Nov 1664Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I50611

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blackleach, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1660/61Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I80688
2 Devotion, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1650Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30526
3 Eliot, Sarah  5 Dec 1647Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I2281
4 Galloope, Cordelia Matilda  13 Nov 1814Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72297
5 Galloope, Elizabeth Adaline  3 Mar 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72287
6 Galloope, Jane  3 Mar 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72293
7 Galloope, Mary Horty  3 Mar 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72171
8 Galloope, Richard  3 Mar 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72294
9 Galloope, Uriah Cotting  3 Mar 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72295
10 Harris, Asaph "Asa"  12 Aug 1683Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I2266
11 King, John  4 Jun 1693Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6296
12 Maynard, Hannah  26 Nov 1648Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I77004
13 Maynard, Lydia  26 Nov 1648Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75790
14 Miethe, Bernard Joseph  1908Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9616
15 Mitchell, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1731Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I26998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Eleanor  9 Apr 1992Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53082
2 Ainsworth, Sarah  29 May 1857Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7746
3 Alden, John II  14 Mar 1701/02Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I2655
4 Alleyne, Emily Anna Clarke  26 Apr 1837Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62647
5 Amory, Georgina Margaret  27 Nov 1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52803
6 Amory, Rebecca  12 May 1842Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52757
7 Atherton, Maj. Gen. Humphrey  17 Sep 1661Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6161
8 Auchincloss, Janet Jennings  13 Mar 1985Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64575
9 Austin, Charles  7 Oct 1919Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I13557
10 Babcock, Martha  UnknownBoston, Suffolk Co., MA I53506
11 Baker, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1681Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11155
12 Barrett, Sarah  17 Feb 1809Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64088
13 Bates, Deborah "Debby"  5 Nov 1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9523
14 Baxter, Clarissa  29 May 1871Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11001
15 Baxter, Lt. Daniel  22 Jul 1836Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10999
16 Baxter, Daniel Jr.  1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11573
17 Baxter, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1844Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11589
18 Baxter, Miriam White  1862Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9524
19 Belknap, Elizabeth  Aft 1746Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I83981
20 Blake, Anna Sophia  22 Mar 1845Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64134
21 Blake, Charlotte Caldwell  2 Jul 1863Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52970
22 Blake, Stanton  22 Apr 1889Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53040
23 Blondin, Albert S.  28 Aug 1994Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I81005
24 Boardman, Sarah Ruggles  7 Aug 1858Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34010
25 Boothby, Martha  16 Sep 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5912
26 Boyd, James  30 Sep 1798Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I91224
27 Brackett, John  Between 12 Dec 1666 and 30 Jan 1667Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I570
28 Brackett, Peter  Bef 24 Jul 1688Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11366
29 Bradley, Eugene Parks  18 Apr 1919Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I59584
30 Breck, Abigail  28 Oct 1819Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I28741
31 Bridgman, Elisha Burt  19 Jan 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12865
32 Broughton, John Nicholson Jr.  29 Aug 1992Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I18752
33 Brown, Ruth Ann  28 Mar 1896Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9521
34 Bruce, Graham Lindsey  19 Feb 1908Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I61838
35 Brune, Anne Henrietta  5 Jun 1895Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11107
36 Bundy, Harvey Hollister  7 Oct 1963Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52769
37 Burt, Abigail  22 Jul 1766Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70935
38 Cabot, Fanny  15 Feb 1868Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53966
39 Cabot, John  28 Aug 1821Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64075
40 Cabot, Lydia  31 May 1869Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I48326
41 Cabot, Dr. Samuel  13 Apr 1885Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7004
42 Carew, Ellen Mary  1943Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I57254
43 Channing, Rev. William Ellery  2 Oct 1842Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I28301
44 Chapin, Laura E.  13 Mar 1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I18746
45 Cheever, Susannah  10 Nov 1744Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I83983
46 Clapp, Capt. Roger  2 Feb 1690/91Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I13781
47 Condon, William Wells  4 Sep 1872Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I1450
48 Coolidge, Archibald Cary  14 Jan 1928Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52724
49 Coolidge, John  UnknownBoston, Suffolk Co., MA I52714
50 Coolidge, Joseph  14 Sep 1771Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52712

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Peter  24 Jul 1688Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11366
2 Gale, Ruth  14 Mar 1733/34Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7610
3 Steadman, Daughter  Aft 17 Feb 1950Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I41
4 Steadman, James Currie "Jack"  Aft 1923Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I134
5 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  Aft 3 Mar 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
6 Thomas, Elizabeth S.  Aft 5 Feb 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I67925
7 Vassall, Col. Leonard  23 Jun 1737Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7609
8 Way, George  UnknownBoston, Suffolk Co., MA I32345

1810 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1810 Census    Person ID 
1 Galloope, Richard  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72172
2 Maynard, Elias  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I76915
3 Stedman, Charles  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9667
4 Stedman, Joseph  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6756
5 Stedman, Josiah  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757

1820 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1820 Census    Person ID 
1 Galloope, Richard  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72172
2 Stedman, Ellis  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9668
3 Stedman, Josiah  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
4 Stedman, William Marshall  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9655
5 Veasey, Eliza  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I17915
6 Weiss, John Jr.  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72170

1830 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1830 Census    Person ID 
1 Galloope, Richard  1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72172
2 Stedman, William Marshall  1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9655
3 Veasey, Eliza  1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I17915

1840 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1840 Census    Person ID 
1 Galloope, Richard  1840Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72172
2 Stedman, Josiah  1840Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
3 Stedman, William Marshall  1840Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9655

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 Scott, Alice E.  3 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24173
2 Scott, Sarah E.  3 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24176
3 Scott, Thomas  3 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62155
4 Stedman, Albert  14 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
5 Stedman, Dr. Charles Harrison M. D.  24 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5775
6 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  21 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
7 Stedman, John  9 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5907
8 Stedman, Josiah  30 Aug 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
9 Stedman, Samuel Enoch  26 Aug 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24172
10 Stedman, William Marshall Jr.  21 Sep 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11375

1855 Massachusetts Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1855 Massachusetts Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, John  1 Jun 1855Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5907
2 Stedman, Josiah  1 Jun 1855Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID 
1 Berry, Clark T.  18 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72494
2 Porter, James  29 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62147
3 Scott, Sarah E.  26 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24176
4 Scott, Thomas  26 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62155
5 Steadman, Enoch  19 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
6 Stedman, Albert  19 Jul 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
7 Stedman, Dr. Charles Harrison M. D.  23 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5775
8 Stedman, Eliza  4 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5915
9 Stedman, Francis  21 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24579
10 Stedman, Francis Dana  23 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5774
11 Stedman, Dr. Henry Rust M. D.  23 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7743
12 Stedman, John  21 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5907
13 Stedman, Joseph L.  11 Jul 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24240
14 Stedman, Josiah  13 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
15 Stedman, Samuel Enoch  26 Jun 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24172

1870 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1870 Census    Person ID 
1 Boothby, Martha  1 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5912
2 Dodge, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"  27 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70734
3 Ingalls, Lucy Rust  10 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7702
4 Porter, Margaret Louisa  6 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62146
5 Steadman, Enoch  24 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
6 Steadman, James Beck  29 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12173
7 Steadman, James Gordon  8 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19008
8 Stedman, Albert  6 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
9 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  2 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
10 Stedman, Francis Dana  15 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5774
11 Stedman, George W.  27 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58679
12 Stedman, Georgianna A.  27 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58682
13 Stedman, Dr. Henry Rust M. D.  10 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7743
14 Stedman, Joseph L.  8 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24240
15 Stedman, Walter  27 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58684
16 Stedman, William H.  27 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70740
17 Stedman, William Marshall Jr.  14 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11375
18 Stickney, John Henry  10 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7747
19 Weitzel, Elizabeth L. "Lizzie"  6 Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62148

1880 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Jonas  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34449
2 Boothby, Martha  4 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5912
3 Gray, Mary A.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I820
4 Ingalls, Lucy Rust  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7702
5 Mitchell, Lavinia Hathaway  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I26721
6 Perkins, Elizabeth "Betsey"  2 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24243
7 Porter, Margaret Louisa  4 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62146
8 Robinson, Clara Irving  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32105
9 Snell, Henry M.  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84726
10 Snell, Joseph D.  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84725
11 Steadman, Enoch  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
12 Steadman, Capt. Frederick William  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32150
13 Steadman, James Gordon  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19008
14 Stedman, Albert  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
15 Stedman, Arthur Wallace  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19131
16 Stedman, Charles A.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10184
17 Stedman, Dr. Charles Ellery M.D.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7738
18 Stedman, Charles H.  4 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5914
19 Stedman, Charles Lowell T.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32104
20 Stedman, Charles Lowell T.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32104
21 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
22 Stedman, Francis Dana  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5774
23 Stedman, George W.  2 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58679
24 Stedman, Henry D.  2 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24246
25 Stedman, John W.  10 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I28722
26 Stedman, Dr. Joseph  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5918
27 Stedman, Joseph L.  5 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24240
28 Stedman, William Charles  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I8309
29 Stedman, William F.  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24205
30 Stedman, William L.  7 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58711
31 Steedman, Admiral Charles  9 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I43011
32 Stickney, John Henry  11 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7747
33 Weitzel, Elizabeth L. "Lizzie"  4 Jun 1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62148

1900 Census

Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID 
1 Ellis, William Raymond  14 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I73202
2 Grace, Frances I.  7 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32151
3 McCann, John  2 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I61821
4 Mitchell, Lavinia Hathaway  13 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I26721
5 Priest, Gustav A.  6 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62371
6 Sandford, Maria H.  1 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84727
7 Snell, Joseph D.  1 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84725
8 Steadman, George Albert "Larry"  11 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I808
9 Steadman, James Currie "Jack"  6 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I134
10 Stedman, Arthur Wallace  4 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19131
11 Stedman, Charles A.  6 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10184
12 Stedman, Frank  12 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72580
13 Steedman, Charles John  11 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I50458
14 Steedman, Charles Richard  11 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I56544
15 Stickney, Lucy Ingalls  8 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7762
16 Stickney, Paul  8 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7763
17 [--?--], Julia  12 Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72574

1910 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 Census    Person ID 
1 Carder, Nathaniel S.  15 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32119
2 Ellis, William Raymond  28 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I73202
3 Fisher, Catherine C. "Kate"  23 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32146
4 McCann, John  21 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I61821
5 Sandford, Maria H.  18 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84727
6 Snell, Joseph D.  18 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84725
7 Steadman, George Albert "Larry"  16 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I808
8 Steadman, Ira Malcolm  2 May 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7
9 Steadman, James Currie "Jack"  20 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I134
10 Stedman, Arthur Wallace  21 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19131
11 Stedman, Dr. Frank Eugene Jr.  16 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24201
12 Stedman, Lucy  18 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7742
13 Stedman, Walter  20 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58684
14 Stickney, Lucy Ingalls  18 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7762
15 Tuleikus, Antonina  19 Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64173

1920 Census

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID 
1 MacDonald, Blanche E.  16 Jan 1920Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70739
2 McCann, John  6 Jan 1920Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I61821
3 Stedman, Dr. George M. D.  12 Jan 1920Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19130

1930 Census

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 Census    Person ID 
1 Dobbins, Michael J.  13 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I39832
2 Dobbins, Thomas David  13 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I42
3 Hobbs, Franklin Warren Sr.  11 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I71342
4 Hutchins, Henry Leslie  12 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32113
5 MacDonald, Jessie  12 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I223
6 MacMaster, Jessie  12 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I239
7 Steadman, James Albert "Al"  16 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32196
8 Steadman, Mary Frances "Fannie"  16 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32197
9 Stedman, Anne Bradstreet  16 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25935
10 Stedman, George Rufus  10 Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62143

1940 Census

Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1940 Census    Person ID 
1 Griffin, Diane Y.  9 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I100
2 Griffin, John H.  9 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I81174
3 Hiltz, Eva M. "Minnie"  11 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I230
4 Miethe, Bernard Joseph  8 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9616
5 Steadman, Ira Joseph "Sonny" "Joe" "Sunny"  8 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I8
6 Steadman, Robert A. "Bob"  3 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I90
7 Steadman, Walter Francis  3 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I89
8 Steadman, Walter Francis "Wally"  3 Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Cotton, Maria  16 Feb 1641/42Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37707
2 Homes, Sarah  2 Jan 1747/48Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I34263
3 Jackson, Anne Cabot  Abt 19 Sep 1811Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52655
4 Kendrick, Ensign John  3 Oct 1641Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30303
5 Locke, Minnie Louise  Abt 1858Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I819
6 Lowell, Augustus  15 Jan 1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52752
7 Lowell, Rev. Robert Traill Spence I  2 Oct 1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I52640
8 Perry, Alice De Vermandois  12 Sep 1883Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7316
9 Porter, Margaret Louisa  Abt 1857Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62146
10 Sedman, Jane P.  Abt 1796Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I61448
11 Steadman, Frederick Woodbury  21 Sep 1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I349
12 Steadman, George A.  Abt Dec 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I31655
13 Stedman, Francis  Cal 8 Jan 1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24579
14 Stedman, Herbert David  Abt Oct 1883Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12700
15 Stedman, Dr. Joseph Cyrus M. D.  Abt Feb 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24187
16 Woodbury, Abigail C. "Abby"  Abt 1822Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I347

Alt. Christening

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Christening    Person ID 
1 Degen, Charles Russell  11 Jul 1798Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I53261

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Bates, Deborah "Debby"  Bef 6 Nov 1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9523
2 Callahan, Mary E.  Oct 1980Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I111
3 Ingalls, Lucy Rust  11 Nov 1844Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7702
4 Slocum, William Henry  1901Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I36637
5 Steadman, Frances L. "Fanny"  26 Nov 1886Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I22697
6 Stedman, Harriet  24 Apr 1812Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9671
7 Stedman, Harriet  24 Dec 1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9678

Birth Registration

Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 Hurley, Julia Theresa  1879Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I36303
2 Maynard, Lorenzo Abner  Aft 22 Aug 1866Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I77302
3 Robinson, Maude Harding  1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72337
4 Steadman, Frances  12 Jan 1902Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72525
5 Steadman, Francis Owen  3 Apr 1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24199
6 Steadman, Francis William "Buddy"  7 Dec 1909Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I234
7 Steadman, Frank Elmer  1862Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I348
8 Steadman, Jane Grace "Jennie"  1894Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32154
9 Steadman, Marion Frances  1911Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I224
10 Steadman, Mary Frances "Fannie"  1888Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32197
11 Steadman, Ross G.  1882Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32190
12 Stedman, Anne Bradstreet  1892Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25935
13 Stedman, Arthur William  1914Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25870
14 Stedman, Charles H.  1864Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58676
15 Stedman, Charles Washington  1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25994
16 Stedman, Edith  1871Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7759
17 Stedman, Eliza Ellen  1865Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24723
18 Stedman, Francis Ezekiel "Frank"  1874Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32147
19 Stedman, Frank E.  1849Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10185
20 Stedman, Harry Brimmer Jr.  1886Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62157
21 Stedman, Joseph Bismarck  1875Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72315
22 Stedman, Maud E.  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72453
23 Stedman, Samuel E.  1869Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62354
24 Stedman, Son  1882Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72336

Book Article

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Book Article    Person ID 
1 Jennison, Samuel Jr.  1864Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7777
2 Maynard, John  Apr 1863Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9208
3 Maynard, Ens. John  1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75154
4 Maynard, Lydia  Apr 1863Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75783
5 Maynard, Col. Moses  1896Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75796
6 Maynard, Capt. Moses  Jul 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75162
7 Starr, Mary  1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75659
8 Starr, Mary  Jan 1939Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75659
9 Stedman, Isaac  2009Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I551
10 [--?--], Mary  1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9209


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Enoch  1 May 1865Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340

Death Registration

Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Registration    Person ID 
1 Brown, Ruth Ann  1 Apr 1896Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9521
2 Crowninshield, Lucy Annie  Aft 4 May 1874Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84679
3 Dodge, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Aft 25 Apr 1881Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70734
4 Ingalls, Lucy Rust  1884Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7702
5 Leverett, Jane A. A.  Aft 4 Aug 1890Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58673
6 Maynard, Lorenzo Abner  21 Aug 1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I77290
7 Putnam, Eliza M.  1853Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I56378
8 Rice, Henry Augustus  17 Dec 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I56377
9 Rockwood, Harriet R.  1886Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7699
10 Steadman, Charles Chipman  Aft 5 Jul 1890Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I804
11 Steadman, Frank Elmer  1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I348
12 Steadman, Frank Elmer  1890Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I368
13 Steadman, Capt. Frederick William  6 May 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32150
14 Steadman, Georgiana  9 Nov 1908Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I803
15 Steadman, John  1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72313
16 Steadman, Ruth Powers  1880Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24169
17 Stedman, Albert  15 Jan 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
18 Stedman, Augustine  1853Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72434
19 Stedman, Elizabeth T. "Elisa"  1859Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10183
20 Stedman, Francis Dana  1868Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7740
21 Stedman, Francis Dana  Aft 23 Apr 1890Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5774
22 Stedman, Frank E.  Aft 14 Aug 1872Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10185
23 Stedman, George W.  Aft 24 Nov 1878Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70732
24 Stedman, George W.  Aft 10 Dec 1888Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58679
25 Stedman, Georgianna A.  17 Jan 1902Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58682
26 Stedman, Harriett Jackson  20 Feb 1901Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5920
27 Stedman, John A.  1877Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72366
28 Stedman, Joseph F.  Aft 20 May 1863Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58710
29 Stedman, Josiah  1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
30 Stedman, Josiah  30 Mar 1909Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19129
31 Stedman, Lucy  30 Dec 1912Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7742
32 Stedman, Walter  11 Mar 1919Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I58684
33 Stedman, William H.  26 Feb 1913Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70740
34 Stickney, John Henry  Aft 16 Nov 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7747
35 Thomas, Elizabeth S.  7 Feb 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I67925
36 Weiss, Rev. John  1879Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7751
37 Woodbury, Abigail C. "Abby"  Aft 21 Feb 1863Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I347
38 [--?--], Mary Ellen  20 May 1897Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84721


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Directory    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Enoch  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
2 Stedman, Albert  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
3 Stedman, Dr. Charles Harrison M. D.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5775
4 Stedman, Daniel Baxter Jr.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11374
5 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
6 Stedman, Francis  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24579
7 Stedman, Francis Dana  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5774
8 Stedman, George  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11386
9 Stedman, George Edward  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24207
10 Stedman, Henry D.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24246
11 Stedman, John  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5907
12 Stedman, Joseph L.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24240
13 Stedman, Josiah  1803Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
14 Stedman, Josiah  1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
15 Stedman, Josiah  1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
16 Stedman, Josiah  1807Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
17 Stedman, Josiah  1809Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
18 Stedman, Josiah  1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
19 Stedman, Josiah  1813Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
20 Stedman, Josiah  1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
21 Stedman, Josiah  1818Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
22 Stedman, Josiah  1820Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
23 Stedman, Josiah  1821Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
24 Stedman, Josiah  1822Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
25 Stedman, Josiah  1823Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
26 Stedman, Josiah  1825Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
27 Stedman, Josiah  1826Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
28 Stedman, Josiah  1827Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
29 Stedman, Josiah  1828Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
30 Stedman, Josiah  1829Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
31 Stedman, Josiah  1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
32 Stedman, Josiah Jr.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9526
33 Stedman, Josiah  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
34 Stedman, Samuel Enoch  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24172
35 Stedman, William Marshall Jr.  1861Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11375


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Blackleech, John Sr.  Bef 27 Feb 1634/35Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I80673
2 Graves, Richard  17 Jun 1635Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I86961
3 Hyde, Deacon Samuel  Apr 1639Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30587
4 Ingle, Sarah Louise "Louisa"  19 May 1884Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12698
5 Maliawco, Empolit  31 Oct 1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64172
6 Samble, Bessie  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37687
7 Samble, Caroline "Carrie"  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37666
8 Samble, Harry  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37689
9 Samble, Joseph Ellery  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37654
10 Samble, Mary  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37688
11 Samble, William Edward Jr.  25 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37685
12 Steadman, Jesse Hoyt  16 Sep 1902Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I988

Name Change

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Name Change    Person ID 
1 Robinson, Godfrey H.  17 Aug 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72443
2 Robinson, Maude Harding  17 Aug 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72337
3 Stedman, Walter Rockwood  8 Jun 1868Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7737


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Ineson, Samuel  1 Oct 1852Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I4648
2 Maliawco, Empolit  3 Feb 1936Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64172
3 Vidussoni, Prof. Anita Dorina Angelina Ph.D.  16 Sep 1957Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64679

Newspaper Article

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Article    Person ID 
1 Holland, Russell Ernest  26 May 1954Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84352
2 Romney, MIles Park  2008Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I88350


Matches 1 to 50 of 65

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Allen, Frederick Lathrop  Apr 1940Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I42619
2 Auchincloss, Louis Stanton  29 Jan 2010Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70947
3 Bates, Deborah "Debby"  7 Nov 1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9523
4 Bates, Deborah "Debby"  13 Nov 1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9523
5 Belmont, Richard Paul Sr.  20 Oct 2006Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I79
6 Buttrick, Stedman  10 Nov 1874Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84678
7 Cope, Anne Francis "Nancy"  29 Jan 1982Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70986
8 Crowninshield, Lucy Annie  7 May 1874Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84679
9 Dunnells, Lydia  28 Oct 1813Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24238
10 Ellis, Alexander B. "Sandy" Jr.  30 Dec 1989Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I28822
11 Hallowell, Patricia  4 Mar 2007Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62396
12 Handley, Edith C.  12 Mar 2002Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I39203
13 Hazard, Anne Francis  28 Jul 1999Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11056
14 Kuhn, John Fentress  11 Aug 2007Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I71425
15 Maynard, Hannah  3 May 1815Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62591
16 Maynard, John Wesley  1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75230
17 Richardson, Elliot Lee  1 Jan 2000Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11055
18 Smith, Mary  10 Jun 1788Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7612
19 Srebro, Zelman J.  4 Jun 2006Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64602
20 Steadman, Carol L.  21 Dec 2012Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I37
21 Steadman, Charles Chipman  8 Jul 1890Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I804
22 Steadman, Capt. Frederick William  7 May 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32150
23 Steadman, James Gordon  22 Jan 1887Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19008
24 Steadman, John Ferry  20 Feb 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12170
25 Steadman, Malcolm Robert Sr.  15 Mar 2009Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I33
26 Steadman, Robert A. "Bob"  11 Feb 2008Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I90
27 Stedman, Albert  15 Jan 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10173
28 Stedman, Benjamin  1 Sep 1807Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62579
29 Stedman, Charles  31 Aug 1819Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9667
30 Stedman, Charles  4 Sep 1819Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9667
31 Stedman, Charles H.  5 Dec 1889Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5914
32 Stedman, Charles Hall I  30 Aug 1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9675
33 Stedman, Christopher Ellery  26 Feb 1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7696
34 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  6 Mar 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371
35 Stedman, Capt. Ebenezer  26 Sep 1785Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I529
36 Stedman, Ebenezer Jr.  10 Oct 1815Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7657
37 Stedman, Frank E.  17 Aug 1872Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I10185
38 Stedman, George  29 Jul 1894Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11386
39 Stedman, George Ameriage  3 Dec 1897Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32145
40 Stedman, George W.  29 Nov 1878Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I70732
41 Stedman, Hannah Maynard  3 Jul 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11384
42 Stedman, Harriet  29 Apr 1812Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9671
43 Stedman, Herbert A.  4 Sep 1886Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I84687
44 Stedman, John Jr.  28 Sep 1801Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9695
45 Stedman, John Weiss Jr.  23 Apr 1977Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12677
46 Stedman, Dr. Joseph  19 May 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5918
47 Stedman, Dr. Joseph  20 May 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5918
48 Stedman, Lucy  26 Apr 1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9660
49 Stedman, Mary Ann  4 Aug 1807Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7697
50 Stedman, Ralph Scott  24 Nov 1896Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72311

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Coolidge, President John Calvin  Between 1916 and 1918Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I15843
2 Coolidge, President John Calvin  Between 1919 and 1921Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I15843
3 Galloope, Richard  1830Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72172
4 Mosher, Prof. Ralph Lamont  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I1655
5 Romney, Willard Mitt   I88345
6 Steadman, George Albert "Larry"  1884Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I808
7 Steadman, James Albert "Al"  Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32196
8 Steadman, James Beck  Jun 1870Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12173
9 Steadman, Mary Frances "Fannie"  Apr 1930Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32197
10 Stedman, Arthur Wallace  Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19131
11 Stedman, Dr. Frank Eugene Jr.  Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24201
12 Stedman, George Rufus  1906Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I62143
13 Stedman, Jarvis H.  Feb 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30085
14 Stedman, Josiah  Apr 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757

Passport Application

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport Application    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Chester Chandler  11 Aug 1919Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32088
2 Stedman, Mary Ella  18 Apr 1921Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I72597


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Brackett, John  30 Jan 1666/67Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I570
2 Maynard, John  7 Nov 1658Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75155
3 Maynard, John  25 Nov 1659Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75155
4 Perry, Samuel  20 Jun 1706Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I14401
5 Stedman, Nathaniel  30 Sep 1703Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I1004

Public Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Public Service    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Capt. Stephen  From 9 Jan 1788 to 8 Feb 1788Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I76050


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boothby, Martha  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5912
2 Gordon, James  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75226
3 Hacey, Nathaniel  Jul 1722Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I76935
4 Henshaw, John  1730Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7615
5 Maynard, Edward Flint  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75201
6 Maynard, John  25 Oct 1653Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75155
7 Maynard, Samuel  Jan 1821Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I75511
8 Mitchell, Lavinia Hathaway  Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I26721
9 Noyes, Harriet N.  1842Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I5932
10 Oldenburg, Gösta  Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64387
11 Steadman, Enoch  Mar 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
12 Steadman, Capt. Frederick William  Mar 1877Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I32150
13 Stedman, Arthur Wallace  Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I19131
14 Stedman, Dr. Frank Eugene Jr.  Apr 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I24201
15 Stedman, Jarvis H.  Feb 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I30085
16 Stedman, Josiah  Apr 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I6757
17 Stedman, Lucina A.  Jul 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I15734
18 Stedman, Margaret Evelyn  Sep 1960Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25869
19 Stedman, William Marshall  Oct 1818Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I9655
20 Tolford, Charles Bradley  Jun 1900Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I36267


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Daniel  3 Sep 1846Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I342
2 Steadman, Enoch  3 Sep 1846Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I340
3 Steadman, Ira Malcolm  20 Aug 1903Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I7
4 Stedman, Alfred George Partidge Jr.  19 May 1892Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I12699
5 Stedman, Daniel Baxter Jr.  30 Jun 1859Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11374
6 Stedman, Daniel Baxter  30 Jun 1859Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I11371


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Brackett, John  12 Dec 1666Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I570

World War I Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War I Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Maliawco, Empolit  Jun 1917Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I64172
2 Steadman, James Currie  5 Jun 1917Boston, Suffolk Co., MA I25985


Matches 1 to 50 of 263

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Penniman  1652Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F13678
2 Alden / Mountjoy  1 Oct 1691Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F21984
3 Alleyne / Stedman  11 Dec 1825Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23136
4 Amory / Chase  18 Apr 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F22438
5 Appleton / Steadman  7 Apr 1906Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F24812
6 Atkins / Stedman  8 Aug 1828Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4843
7 Baker / Eddy  22 Apr 1656Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4107
8 Binney / Dolhond  5 Aug 1742Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19322
9 Blake / Johnson  10 Jan 1867Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19491
10 Bradley / Tucker  14 Sep 1914Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F21943
11 Briggs / Gavitt  2 Mar 1908Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F32320
12 Broughton / Stedman  1915Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F7339
13 Bulfinch / Apthorp  13 Sep 1759Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19439
14 Byers / Rogers  14 Oct 1891Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26799
15 Cabot / Barrett  27 Nov 1781Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23687
16 Cabot / Perkins  2 Nov 1812Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4732
17 Carey / Rice  4 Feb 1875Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23008
18 Carter / Peabody  19 Sep 1904Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27119
19 Chamberlain / Mills  6 Apr 1779Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4424
20 Chapin / Fisher  31 Aug 1843Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F16190
21 Chisholm / Steadman  Abt 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F69
22 Clough / Dolhond  2 Mar 1768Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19317
23 Cole / Hutchinson  30 Dec 1651Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2885
24 Cooke / Stedman  15 Jun 1893Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27006
25 Coolidge / Boyer  1 Jun 1772Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19440
26 Coolidge / Bulfinch  21 Sep 1796Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19438
27 Coolidge / Gardner  18 Dec 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19434
28 Coolidge / Ingram  14 Apr 1713Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19442
29 Cushing / Watson  5 Jan 1813Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27143
30 Dana / Ford  25 Feb 1922Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F1253
31 Dana / Stedman  7 Oct 1905Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3394
32 Deane / Scammon  12 Oct 1691Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2717
33 Dexter / Sigourney  28 Jun 1748Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F20388
34 Dockum / Osborn  Aft 20 Apr 1749Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F5833
35 Donnison / Quincy  3 Aug 1783Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3340
36 Dutton / Lowell  3 Jun 1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19476
37 Dyer / Hutchinson  17 Nov 1663Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F7327
38 Edwards / Burr  20 Nov 1723Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F7444
39 Evans / Stedman  10 Jun 1850Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F21620
40 Fitzgerald / Steadman  1954Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F108
41 Flowers / Williamson   F30208
42 Forbes / Winthrop  28 Nov 1906Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23697
43 Franklin / Folger  25 Nov 1689Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F10073
44 Galloope / Pain  12 Mar 1797Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26952
45 Garnet / [--?--]  10 Apr 1651Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F5824
46 Goffe / Sumner  Abt 1678Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19417
47 Gore / Stedman  20 Oct 1708Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F383
48 Gorham / Lowell  22 Mar 1807Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19475
49 Gray / Gardner  3 Jul 1837Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19430
50 Griffin / Neilsen  31 Oct 1903Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F30344

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Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Atkins / Stedman  31 Jul 1828Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4843
2 Homes / Jacob  24 Apr 1785Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F11530
3 Lowell / Spence  18 Sep 1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19411
4 Prentice / Gallup  1682Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F6980
5 Putnam / Lowell  9 Jan 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19422

Engagement Announcement

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Engagement Announcement    Family ID 
1 Lutz / Steadman  16 Dec 1923Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F35034

Marriage Announcement

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   Family    Marriage Announcement    Family ID 
1 Alleyne / Stedman  14 Dec 1825Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23136
2 Beach / Stedman  9 May 1809Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F8715
3 Donnison / Quincy  9 Aug 1783Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3340
4 Harrington / Stedman  26 Feb 1816Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F9127
5 Meacham / Stedman  9 Mar 1818Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3364
6 Metcalf / Stedman  12 May 1809Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3362
7 Pitkin / Carlisle  12 Jul 1908Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F22455
8 Stedman / Baxter  10 Sep 1806Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2983
9 Stedman / Braman  18 Apr 1817Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3363
10 Stedman / Carew  23 Nov 1810Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2647
11 Stedman / Russell  17 May 1823Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3365
12 Stedman / Vose  19 Oct 1818Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4199
13 Stedman / Wattles  19 Feb 1903Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2646
14 Stedman / [--?--]  19 Nov 1814Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23111
15 Stedman / [--?--]  21 Nov 1814Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F23111
16 Williams / Williams  5 Feb 1796Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F9844

Marriage intent

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   Family    Marriage intent    Family ID 
1 Binney / Dolhond  22 Jul 1742Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19322
2 Dockum / Osborn  20 Apr 1749Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F5833
3 Henshaw / Stedman  16 Apr 1730Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F328
4 King / Stowell  2 Apr 1718Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F1450
5 Lewis / Fullerton  8 Feb 1753Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F31414
6 Lewis / Fullerton  20 Sep 1754Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F31414
7 Morton / Osborn  1 Nov 1744Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F5834
8 Osborn / Dean  6 Jul 1738Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F5832
9 Sprague / Dolhonde  28 Feb 1743/44Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19237
10 Sprague / Dolhonde  28 Mar 1745Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F19237
11 Stedman / Frye  21 May 1805Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3524
12 Stedman / [--?--]  29 Sep 1804Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F4197

Marriage Registration

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   Family    Marriage Registration    Family ID 
1 Carter / Peabody  28 Sep 1904Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27119
2 Cooke / Stedman  19 Jun 1893Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27006
3 Griffin / Neilsen  4 Nov 1903Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F30344
4 Isenbeck / Robinson  24 Nov 1893Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27077
5 Maynard / Low  23 Nov 1865Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F29074
6 Palmer / Steadman  1872Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F482
7 Rice / Cushing  1855Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27141
8 Rush / Callahan  25 Mar 1907Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F24
9 Snell / Stedman  2 Jun 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F32407
10 Snow / Stedman  1871Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F2625
11 Steadman / Davis  5 Aug 1898Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F8605
12 Steadman / Hurley  27 Sep 1899Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F12031
13 Steadman / MacDonald  21 May 1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F75
14 Steadman / Woodbury  Aft 9 Dec 1858Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F205
15 Stedman / Braman  1 Jul 1904Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26675
16 Stedman / Crowninshield  Aft 30 Mar 1856Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F32386
17 Stedman / Dodge  Aft 14 Nov 1874Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26338
18 Stedman / King  4 Apr 1906Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F27015
19 Stedman / MacDonald  13 Jan 1919Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F33616
20 Stedman / Parker  Aft 1 Nov 1859Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3387
21 Stedman / Pettis  28 Apr 1892Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F9742
22 Stedman / Pomeroy  3 Jul 1860Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F22315
23 Stedman / Robinson  1884Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F11986
24 Stedman / Weiss  1879Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3389
25 Stedman / Wright  1 Feb 1917Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26339
26 Stickney / Stedman  Aft 20 Dec 1866Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F3388
27 Tolford / Stedman  1882Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F13580
28 Weiss / Fraser  1878Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26953
29 Weiss / McPhee  1910Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26960


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   Family    Remarried    Family ID 
1 Stedman / White  24 May 1909Boston, Suffolk Co., MA F26328