One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA


Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 42.3668280555556, Longitude: -71.1061228055556

Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 42.36679, Longitude: -71.1060188888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Russell, Richard Manning  3 Mar 1891Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I18795
202 Russell, William Eustis  8 Jan 1857Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I18791
203 Russell, William Eustis Jr.  29 Apr 1886Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I18794
204 Savage, Hannah  27 Aug 1667Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I53583
205 Shattuck, Frances Minot  12 Apr 1835Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I11568
206 Sheaf, Edward  Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I5805
207 Shepard, Edward  31 Jul 1662Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1086
208 Shepard, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1660Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1085
209 Shepard, John  22 Jan 1652/53Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1083
210 Shepard, Rebecca  1650Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1082
211 Shepard, Samuel  3 Jul 1664Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1087
212 Shepard, Sarah  5 Mar 1655/56Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1084
213 Shepard, Thomas  12 Nov 1666Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1088
214 Shepard, Violet  Abt 1657Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1077
215 Skinner, Eleanora Carroll  25 Mar 1914Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I2972
216 Skinner, Henrietta Dana  25 Mar 1914Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I2964
217 Smith, Sarah  Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I3025
218 Sparhawk, Lucy  14 Aug 1738Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I34281
219 Sparhawk, Mary  3 Jan 1730/31Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I34273
220 Sprague, Rev. Edward  20 May 1750Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I52136
221 Sprague, Dr. John  4 Dec 1718Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I52129
222 Sprague, Dr. John  10 Sep 1752Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I52137
223 Steadman, Francis Owen  29 Oct 1906Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I24199
224 Stearns, Mary  5 Apr 1679Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I72218
225 Stedman, Dr. Benjamin  17 Jul 1706Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I528
226 Stedman, Clarissa Shattuck "Clara"  3 Nov 1827Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I11382
227 Stedman, Edith Gratia  29 Dec 1888Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I25927
228 Stedman, Rev. Frank Holt  14 Feb 1874Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I24596
229 Stedman, Frank Walter  Cal 26 Aug 1893Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I32252
230 Stedman, James Herbert "Bert"  26 Dec 1877Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I24597
231 Stedman, Dr. John  17 May 1743Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I9693
232 Stedman, Dr. Jonathan  21 Nov 1703Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I527
233 Stedman, Lucy  10 Oct 1818Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I9527
234 Stedman, Martha  3 Jun 1646Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I566
235 Stedman, Mary  27 Apr 1645Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I542
236 Stedman, Mary  7 Jan 1711/12Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I530
237 Stedman, Nathaniel  1665Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I1004
238 Stedman, Samuel  1 Jun 1795Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I7685
239 Stedman, Sarah  11 Jan 1643/44Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I565
240 Stedman, Hon. William A. M.  20 Jan 1765Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I7667
241 Stedman, William Marshall Jr.  1819Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I11375
242 Sullivan, John  2 Jan 1904Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I39202
243 Vassall, Lucy  15 Nov 1747Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I5769
244 Ware, Elizabeth Anne  9 Jun 1808Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I53096
245 Wendell, Sarah  Between 1768 and 1781Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I64070
246 Williams, Eleazer  22 Oct 1669Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I85598
247 Williams, Hannah  8 Oct 1671Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I9851
248 Williams, Isaac  11 Dec 1661Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I48316
249 Winship, Joseph  21 Jun 1661Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I50866
250 Winship, Joseph  28 Feb 1700/01Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA I16659

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