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Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK


Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 50.9344711388889, Longitude: -0.555580138888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Strudwick, James  Bef 26 Jan 1812Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I79034
2 Tyler, Francis "Frank"  Bef 25 Dec 1817Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8363
3 Strudwick, Mary Ann  Bef 21 Mar 1819Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I79035
4 Stedman, George  Bef 12 Nov 1820Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8330
5 Stedman, Elizabeth  Bef 1 Apr 1821Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8348
6 Stedman, Henry  Bef 11 Sep 1825Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8318
7 Stedman, Emma  Bef 17 Apr 1828Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8319
8 Stedman, Catharine  Bef 12 Oct 1834Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8320
9 Harwood, Ellen  19 Aug 1837Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8408
10 Stedman, John  Abt Jul 1840Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8226
11 Tyler, Frederic  Bef 8 Feb 1846Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8362
12 Stedman, Charlotte  Between 1 Jul 1847 and 30 Sep 1847Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8338
13 Barnett, Henry  Abt 1855Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8263
14 Barnett, Mary Jane  Abt 1856Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8264
15 Barnett, Eliza  Abt 1858Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stedman, George  13 May 1838Watersfield, Sussex, England, UK I8214