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Deptford, Kent, England, UK


Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 51.4798327777778, Longitude: -0.0284958333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Charles Henry  Between 1 Jul 1841 and 30 Sep 1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79200
2 Beckett, Esther Mary  Between 1 Oct 1838 and 31 Dec 1838Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79198
3 Beckett, Henry Benjamin  Abt Apr 1849Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79201
4 Beckett, Mary Esther  Between 1 Oct 1838 and 31 Dec 1838Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79199
5 Beckett, Rosetta May  5 Apr 1844Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79202
6 Beckett, Thomas William  2 Aug 1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79182
7 Carter, Charles William  Bef 26 Jul 1852Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79174
8 Carter, Emma  Abt 1856Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79175
9 Carter, James John  21 Apr 1850Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79173
10 Carter, Thomas James  Abt 27 Apr 1848Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79172
11 Chapman, Caroline Emily  26 Jul 1886Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1530
12 Chapman, Edward Henry  30 Jun 1884Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1529
13 Chapman, Edward Robert  Abt 1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1527
14 Chapman, William Robert  6 Aug 1890Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1531
15 Dewing, John Edward  6 Aug 1809Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4281
16 Edwards, John Meurig  Between 1 Oct 1882 and 31 Dec 1882Deptford, Kent, England, UK I8423
17 Gibb, Louisa  Abt 1855Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79207
18 Greenhill, Elizabeth "Bessie"  Between 1 Jul 1861 and 30 Sep 1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I65289
19 Jones, Charlotte Kate  Between 1 Jan 1883 and 31 Mar 1883Deptford, Kent, England, UK I8886
20 Pearson, Amy Mary  Between 1 Apr 1865 and 30 Jun 1865Deptford, Kent, England, UK I151
21 Pearson, Ann  Between 1 Oct 1855 and 31 Dec 1855Deptford, Kent, England, UK I114
22 Pearson, Bessie Harriett  Between 1 Jan 1867 and 31 Mar 1867Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1132
23 Pearson, Fanny Phoebe  Between 1 Oct 1869 and 31 Dec 1869Deptford, Kent, England, UK I122
24 Pearson, Frederic William  Abt 1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I70
25 Pearson, Frederick James  Between 1 Jul 1876 and 30 Sep 1876Deptford, Kent, England, UK I125
26 Pearson, Grace  Between 1 Oct 1866 and 31 Dec 1866Deptford, Kent, England, UK I116
27 Pearson, Henry Steadman "Harry"  Abt 1858Deptford, Kent, England, UK I64
28 Pearson, James William  Between 1 Oct 1842 and 31 Dec 1842Deptford, Kent, England, UK I111
29 Pearson, Kate Eugenia  Between 1 Apr 1875 and 30 Jun 1875Deptford, Kent, England, UK I124
30 Pearson, Mary Elizabeth "Elisa"  Between 1 Jan 1849 and 31 Mar 1849Deptford, Kent, England, UK I72
31 Pearson, Stanley Thomas  Abt Jul 1890Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1142
32 Pearson, Thomas  1 Jan 1847Deptford, Kent, England, UK I71
33 Pearson, Thomas Albert  Between 1 Oct 1867 and 31 Dec 1867Deptford, Kent, England, UK I121
34 Pearson, William Henry  Between 1 Apr 1873 and 30 Jun 1873Deptford, Kent, England, UK I123
35 Shepherd, Mary Ann  Abt 1843Deptford, Kent, England, UK I9542
36 Steadman, Arthur  Abt 1880Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4044
37 Steadman, Emily Alice  28 Jan 1875Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4042
38 Steadman, Florence Ellen  23 Jan 1878Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4043
39 Steadman, George Henry  13 Feb 1867Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4053
40 Steadman, William Albert  4 Aug 1872Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4046
41 Stedman, Charles  Between 1 Apr 1857 and 30 Jun 1857Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4290
42 Stedman, John James  10 Aug 1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1296
43 Stedman, Lily Violet  Abt 1893Deptford, Kent, England, UK I11157
44 Stedman, Mary Anne  11 Oct 1826Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79231
45 Stedman, Richard  Between 1 Jan 1860 and 31 Mar 1860Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4291
46 Stedman, Sarah Susannah  Between 1 Oct 1853 and 31 Dec 1853Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4289
47 Tuley, Emily Daisy  11 Jun 1888Deptford, Kent, England, UK I239
48 Ward, Anne Louise "Annie"  Between 1 Jul 1874 and 30 Sep 1874Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1126
49 Ward, Emma  Abt 1842Deptford, Kent, England, UK I119
50 Ward, Fanny Grace  Between 1 Oct 1879 and 31 Dec 1879Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1127

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Thomas William  31 Aug 1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79182
2 Carter, Charles William  26 Jul 1852Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79174
3 Carter, James John  19 May 1850Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79173
4 Carter, Thomas James  18 Jun 1848Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79172
5 Chapman, Adah Elizabeth  18 Oct 1893Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79042
6 Chapman, Caroline Emily  23 Jan 1889Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1530
7 Chapman, Edward Henry  23 Jan 1889Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1529
8 Chapman, Joseph Robert  23 Jan 1889Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79041
9 Chapman, Mary Lucy  23 Jan 1889Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1528
10 Chapman, William Robert  18 Oct 1893Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1531
11 Cripps, William  13 Mar 1780Deptford, Kent, England, UK I2429
12 Dewing, John Edward  31 Dec 1809Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4281
13 Mitchell, Gladys May  30 Jan 1887Deptford, Kent, England, UK I81580
14 Pearson, Fanny Finch  27 Feb 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK I112
15 Pearson, Helen Jane  27 Feb 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK I113
16 Pearson, James William  27 Feb 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK I111
17 Pearson, John Jennings  6 Jun 1847Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1120
18 Pearson, Mary Elizabeth "Elisa"  27 Feb 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK I72
19 Pearson, Thomas  27 Feb 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK I71
20 Steadman, Emily Alice  28 Mar 1875Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4042
21 Steadman, Florence Ellen  31 Mar 1878Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4043
22 Steadman, Frank  20 Oct 1872Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4045
23 Steadman, George Henry  28 Apr 1867Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4053
24 Steadman, William Albert  20 Oct 1872Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4046
25 Stedman, Louise Rose E.  12 Nov 1899Deptford, Kent, England, UK I8008
26 Stedman, Mary Anne  13 Dec 1826Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79231
27 Turner, Sarah  29 Dec 1811Deptford, Kent, England, UK I6361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Capt. James  28 Aug 1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I68

1841 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1841 England Census    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Frederick  1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79180
2 Beckett, James John  1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79179
3 Stedman, Charles  1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I15756
4 Stedman, Capt. James  1841Deptford, Kent, England, UK I68

1851 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1851 England Census    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Frederick  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79180
2 Beckett, Frederick Thomas  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79196
3 Beckett, James John  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79179
4 Carter, Thomas  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79170
5 Edgcombe, Mary Catherine  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I69
6 Loft, Ann  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1294
7 Mascall, Lieut. George Robert  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1623
8 Pearson, William  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I66
9 Stedman, Emily Caroline  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I74
10 Stedman, Helen Edgcombe "Ellen"  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I76
11 Stedman, John James  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1292
12 Stedman, Robert  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1299
13 Stedman, Susan  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I75
14 Yeoman, Elizabeth Frances Calder  1851Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1301

1861 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1861 England Census    Person ID 
1 Dewing, John Edward  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4281
2 Dewing, Mary Ann  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4275
3 Pearson, William  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I66
4 Scott, Isabella  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I9884
5 Stedman, Henry John  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4274
6 Stedman, James  1861Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4283

1871 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1871 England Census    Person ID 
1 Carter, Thomas  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I79170
2 Cripps, William John  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I8785
3 Dewing, John Edward  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4281
4 Greenhill, Elizabeth "Bessie"  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I65289
5 Scott, Isabella  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I9884
6 Steadman, Joseph  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4035
7 Steadman, Joseph William  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4055
8 Stedman, Henry John  1871Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4274

1881 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1881 England Census    Person ID 
1 Dewing, John Edward  1881Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4281
2 Osborn, William  1881Deptford, Kent, England, UK I78895

1891 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1891 England Census    Person ID 
1 Pearson, Thomas Albert  1891Deptford, Kent, England, UK I121
2 Stedman, Caroline  1891Deptford, Kent, England, UK I1020

1901 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1901 England Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Charles Percy  1901Deptford, Kent, England, UK I11156
2 Stedman, James Henry  1901Deptford, Kent, England, UK I71445

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Henry Edwin Alfred  Abt May 1873Deptford, Kent, England, UK I4257


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beckett / Hazelton  22 Dec 1850Deptford, Kent, England, UK F4273
2 Forrester / Stedman  9 Aug 1835Deptford, Kent, England, UK F380
3 Gibb / Beckett  25 Mar 1854Deptford, Kent, England, UK F4275
4 Meadows / Steadman  Between 1 Jan 1900 and 31 Mar 1900Deptford, Kent, England, UK F258632315
5 Pearson / Earp  Between 1 Apr 1896 and 30 Jun 1896Deptford, Kent, England, UK F39
6 Roger / Scott  24 Nov 1877Deptford, Kent, England, UK F4819
7 Stedman / Dewing  10 Oct 1870Deptford, Kent, England, UK F1420
8 Stedman / Exall  10 Oct 1909Deptford, Kent, England, UK F387
9 Stedman / Woodard  5 Oct 1817Deptford, Kent, England, UK F1169
10 Stedman / Yeoman  7 Sep 1862Deptford, Kent, England, UK F386
11 Steedman / Joyce  14 Dec 1840Deptford, Kent, England, UK F4310
12 Turner / Robinson  12 Feb 1809Deptford, Kent, England, UK F258631869
13 Williams / Stedman  4 Sep 1898Deptford, Kent, England, UK F1715

Marriage Registration

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   Family    Marriage Registration    Family ID 
1 Stedman / Dewing  1870Deptford, Kent, England, UK F1420
2 Williams / Stedman  4 Sep 1898Deptford, Kent, England, UK F1715