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Basil Fanshawe "Joe" Jagger

Basil Fanshawe "Joe" Jagger

Male 1913 - 2006  (93 years)

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Basil Fanshawe "Joe" JaggerBasil Fanshawe "Joe" Jagger was born 13 Apr 1913, Maldon RD, Essex, England, UK; died 11 Nov 2006, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK.

    Other Events:

    • Birth Registration: Between 1 Apr 1913 and 30 Jun 1913, Maldon RD, Essex, England, UK; Vol. 4a, p. 1551
    • Occupation: Dec 1940, Dartford, Kent, England, UK; Schoolteacher
    • Residence: Dec 1940, Dartford, Kent, England, UK; 147 Brent Lane
    • Death Registration: Nov 2006, Kingston RD, Surrey, England, UK; Reg. A83, Dist. 240/1a, Entry 176
    • Obituary: 12 Nov 2006, Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; Boston Globe
    • Obituary: 12 Nov 2006, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA; Reuters


    Couple unearth Mick Jagger's local links
    Published on 21/03/2006

    By Margaret Crosby

    If you're a fan of ageing rocker Sir Mick Jagger then get some satisfaction reading about his family links to Whitehaven.

    It was already known his grandfather was born here but now amateur genealogists David and Hilary Wilson have discovered the grave of Sir Mick's great-grandfather in Whitehaven cemetery.

    And Sir Mick's love of music is obviously genetic - one of his Whitehaven ancestors, Charles, was an organist, piano teacher and composer in the town and another relative went by the name of Johann Sebastian Jagger!

    The tombstone for David Jagger, in Whitehaven cemetery, was stumbled upon by accident by keen genealogists David and Hilary Wilson.

    The Wilsons live at Cockermouth but David hails from Whitehaven and Hilary from the Cleator area.

    Since she retired as committee clerk for Allerdale Council, Hilary has got the genealogy bug big time and has been successful in tracking her own family tree, with some interesting discoveries, including one ancestor charged with murder at Cleator Moor and a possible link to Robert the Bruce!

    And it was while on the family trail, visiting the gravestone of one of his own ancestors at Whitehaven that David spotted the Jagger headstone. Noting down the inscription, Hilary set-to exploring the Jagger family tree and subsequently discovered the connection.

    The Whitehaven links with Mick Jagger, 62, who was knighted in the Queen's 2002 birthday honours for his services to pop music, first came to light six years ago, but further digging has revealed an interesting story of a David Jagger (Mick's great grandfather) who was born in Morley, Yorkshire in 1846 and arrived in Whitehaven, in 1860s, to work as a printer / compositor.

    He was married three times in Whitehaven and his tombstone tells the sad story of his first wife, Emma Dobson, dying young, aged 24 and their daughter, Emma Lavinia, aged 3. Also, his second wife, Margaret Kitchin who came from Cleator, met the same fate three years later in 1871, age just 22. As there was a son, John, also born about that time it is thought Margaret may have died in childbirth. Though she is remembered on the headstone, she is actually interred at Cleator.

    Almost 10 years passed before David tried marriage again, this time to Sidwell Elizabeth Hodge (nee Ingram), who was a widow with a young daughter (Mary) and was Cornish-born, having arrived in Whitehaven when her father, a tin mining engineer, came to the town to work in the coal mines.

    David and Sidwell were married in 1879 and just a year later produced baby David Ernest, Mick's grandfather.

    The couple were at the time living at Woodville Terrace, the row of houses just below the Castle View pub (The Stump), now known as High Road, together with children from past unions, John and Mary.

    The family later moved to Eckington in Derbyshire and though David died there (in 1906) his body was brought back to Whitehaven to be buried. The cemetery records show David had died aged 59 and his occupation was given as journalist. His home address showed as 33 High Street, Eckington. The Jagger family were thought to be Wesleyan Methodists and David's sandstone tombstone inscription reads I have set the Lord always before me.

    His son David Ernest was to become a schoolmaster and he married a local Derbyshire girl Harriett Fanshawe Jagger in 1908. The couple later moved to Wickham Bishops, near Maldon in Essex, where David taught at a Church of England school.

    David Ernest and Harriett eventually retired to Blackpool where David died in 1954. There son, Basil Fanshawe Jagger (Joe) also became a teacher and in 1940 married Eva Scutts, who had been born in Australia but whose family came from Kent. Three years later their son Mick, the famous Rolling Stone, was born.

    Another branch of the family was descended from Charles Jagger, who also moved up country from Dewsbury to Whitehaven about the same time as David Jagger. It is thought they may have been cousins.

    Charles' father Edward Jagger was a woollen draper in Dewsbury and Charles had been lodging with the Kettlewell family in Thoralby, Yorkshire and working as "a professor of music, composer and organist of Aysgarth Parish Church'' before coming to Whitehaven and setting up as a music teacher. He played at the town's Theatre Royal and taught piano and organ. He even composed a musical score for the marriage of the Duke and Duches of Kent.

    In 1888 he married a local girl Edith Wilson and the couple had four children: Carl, Hugh Cecil Musgrave, Johann Sebastian and Iris. Census records show Charles having lived at various addresses in town, 47 Roper Street, 51 Roper Street (the Indian King ) and at Scotch Street. There are currently descendants of Charles Jagger living in the area.

    *One of the more intriguing of Mick's relatives is Joseph Hobson Jagger, a distant cousin, who was The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. His job as a spindle-maker at a West Yorkshire mill gave him the idea that roulette wheels were sure to be biased if they spun on wooden spindles. He won so much a casino had to close.

    From: Roy Stockdill
    Subject: [WRY] Are you related to Mick Jagger?
    Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 14:59:27 -0400

    TODAY's Daily Mail newspaper carries in its Weekend magazine a feature on the ancestors of Mick Jagger. And, guess what, folks? They came from the town of Morley in the West Riding! I also discovered from the article that Jagger's great-grandfather was born at Bottoms in Morley in 1845 - where a branch of my own Stockdill family lived in the 1840s, so they must have been near neighbours!

    Thought I would post the details, in case anyone recognises any names and realises they are a distant cousin to Mick Jagger.....

    His gt-gt-gt-grandparents were THOMAS JAGGER (d. before 1851), a clothier of Morley, and SARAH SNELL of Batley. They were married in 1804.

    Next generation down - JOHN JAGGER (1804-1872), son of Thomas and Sarah, was also a clothier of Morley. In 1831 he married ABIGAIL SCHOLES, daughter of JOHN and Hannah SCHOLES, also of Morley.

    Their son, DAVID JAGGER (1845-1906), was the one born at Morley Bottoms. My gt-grandfather's brother, John Stockdill, and his family lived in the same road at that time. David moved to Whitehaven in Cumberland and married SIDWELL ELIZABETH HODGE, a widow and the daughter of JOHN INGRAM, a Cornish mining engineer. David Jagger became a printing compositor and later an insurance agent.

    Mick's grandfather, DAVID ERNEST JAGGER, was born at Whitehaven in 1880. He moved to Derbyshire where he became a schoolmaster and married HARRIETT FANSHAWE of Chesterfield in 1908.

    Their son, BASIL FANSHAWE JAGGER, known as "Joe", Mick's father, born 1913, was also a teacher and married EVA SCUTTS at Dartford, Kent, in 1940. Mick was born in 1943. Eva was born in Australia in 1913 (do any of our Aussie friends own up to a connection?), daughter of ALFRED CHARLES SCUTTS, Mick's other grandfather, who was born at Northfleet, Kent, in 1856. A beerhouse keeper, barrel-maker and boatbuilder, he went to Australia to seek his fortune and returned to Northfleet eventually.

    According to the feature, Jagger had a fascinating distant cousin called JOSEPH HOBSON JAGGER (1830-1892), who lived at Shelf, near Halifax. He was apparently the original "Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" on whom the song was based! He worked at a local mill making spindles and was of a mathematical mind. He worked out that roulette wheels would be biased if they spun on wooden spindles, so he went to Monte Carlo and observed the wheel in the casino for several days, observing that the numbers 17, 18, 27 and 28 came up more than any others. He bet on these numbers and won so much that the casino had to shut down.

    For anyone interested in the surname, JAGGER, it is associated with the West Riding, meaning a carrier, carter, hawker of pedlar.

    Roy Stockdill
    Editor, The Journal of One-Name Studies
    The Stockdill Family History Society (Guild of One-Name Studies, FedFHS)

    Birth Registration:
    Basil F Jagger, mother maiden name Fanshawe, was born.

    Death Registration:
    Basil Fanshawe Jagger, born 13 April 1913, died.

    Joe Jagger, father of rock star
    By Associated Press  |  November 12, 2006

    LONDON -- The father of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger died of pneumonia yesterday, a spokesman for the singer said. He was 93.

    Joe Jagger, a former schoolteacher, was admitted to a hospital in Kingston, Surrey, outside London, more than a week ago after falling in his home, the spokesman said.

    Mick Jagger, 63, who has been in the United States on the band's "A Bigger Bang" tour, traveled to Britain Friday to see his father and flew back to Las Vegas later the same day. He was to perform last night, the spokesman said, adding that the show would go ahead as scheduled.

    The spokesman said the Jagger family would not make any further comment. He gave no details of Joe Jagger's funeral, saying only that it would be private.

    Mick Jagger's mother, Eva, died in 2000. She and Joe Jagger had two children, Mick and Chris.

    © Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company


    Mick Jagger's father dies
    By Dean Goodman

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The 93-year-old father of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, a former fitness instructor partly responsible for his son's athletic prowess on stage, has died of pneumonia in England, a spokesman said.

    Basil "Joe" Jagger, a physical education teacher who helped popularize basketball in Britain, died at a hospital in Kingston, Surrey, about a week after he was injured during a fall at his home.

    His son, currently on tour with the Stones in North America, flew to England late last week, but returned in time for a show in Las Vegas on Saturday. Jagger, 63, was unusually chatty on stage, but -- as is his custom -- he did not mention any personal matters.

    The elder Jagger gave his son his first taste of showbiz when he was a youngster, by casting him in a sports TV show. Footage survives of a young Mike -- as he was known then -- engaged in various healthy pursuits.

    Joe Jagger maintained his keen interest in sports. He appears in the 2001 documentary "Being Mick," cheering on one of his granddaughters at a school sports event.

    His Australian-born wife of 59 years, Eva, died of heart failure in 2000. They also had another son, Chris, who is four years younger than Mick.

    Basil married Eva Mary Ensley Scutts 7 Dec 1940, Dartford, Kent, England, UK. Eva (daughter of Alfred Henry Scutts and Gertrude Jessie Archer) was born 6 Apr 1913, Marrickville, ____, New South Wales, Australia; died 18 May 2000, Wimbledon, Surrey, England, UK. [Group Sheet]

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