One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 44.7816788888889, Longitude: -72.7996630555556


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Ralph Richard  2 Jan 1912Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76342
2 Maynard, Willey Davis "Willie"  17 Sep 1907Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76165
3 Maynard, Burton Myron  24 Feb 1902Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76325
4 Maynard, Frances Isabelle  17 Aug 1898Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76339
5 Maynard, Lee Harrison Doane  6 Jul 1892Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76335
6 Maynard, Fannie Mable  9 Apr 1889Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76337
7 Brown, Sumner R.  Cal 10 Feb 1882Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76113
8 Maynard, Frank Burton  21 Apr 1876Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76197
9 Maynard, Myron Burton  24 Feb 1872Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76215
10 Leach, Alberta Louisa  27 Jul 1868Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76351
11 Maynard, George Willie  Cal 17 Jan 1867Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76149
12 Maynard, George B.  Abt Feb 1865Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76148
13 Maynard, Gaylord Henry  19 Nov 1860Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76356
14 Doane, Flora Ardelia  19 Aug 1859Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76220
15 Maynard, Orlando Jackson  21 Oct 1858Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76219
16 Maynard, Amy D.  14 Oct 1856Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76249
17 Stone, George W.  9 Jun 1854Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76250
18 Maynard, Orrilla R. "Aurilla"  4 Feb 1848Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76122
19 Maynard, Ashley Josiah  Cal 20 Feb 1845Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76138
20 Start, Mariah J. "Maria"  7 May 1840Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76145
21 Maynard, Burton Hollis  9 Jun 1837Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76185
22 Maynard, Harrison S.  14 Jan 1837Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76169
23 Maynard, George Stillman  7 Apr 1827Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76569
24 Maynard, Alice Jane  Cal 8 Nov 1819Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76132
25 Shattuck, Autencia Harriet  9 Feb 1818Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76160
26 Maynard, James  19 Apr 1809Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76159
27 Maynard, Jesse Knowles  24 Mar 1808Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76107
28 Doane, Benjamin  16 Sep 1807Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76221
29 Start, George  17 Feb 1803Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76146
30 Maynard, Stephen  23 Mar 1798Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76065
31 Maynard, Betsey  13 Jan 1793Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76060
32 Pratt, Lucelia  Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I85855
33 Farwell, Harriet  Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76152
34 Barnes, Clark  Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76151


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Pierce, Leonard L.  19 May 1956Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76341
2 Davis, Martha Isidore  12 Jan 1956Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76198
3 Learned, Mabel V.  22 Jan 1940Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76345
4 Maynard, Orrilla R. "Aurilla"  25 Apr 1935Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76122
5 Hagar, Florence Murial  1 Sep 1933Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76361
6 Maynard, Orlando Jackson  7 Aug 1930Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76219
7 Pierce, Leon Albert Romano  15 Jun 1927Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76344
8 Stone, George W.  21 Feb 1922Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76250
9 James, Pruella  11 Dec 1912Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76155
10 Doane, Flora Ardelia  29 Dec 1911Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76220
11 Maynard, Willey Davis "Willie"  4 Jul 1911Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76165
12 Maynard, Amy D.  27 Jan 1911Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76249
13 Barnes, Isabella A.  18 Oct 1910Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76150
14 Johnson, Rhoda M.  1 Apr 1909Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76205
15 Colton, Mary "Polly"  24 Sep 1892Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76147
16 Doane, Benjamin  17 Nov 1888Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76221
17 Maynard, Burton Hollis  6 Mar 1888Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76185
18 Lawrence, Precinda  15 Sep 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76222
19 Start, Mariah J. "Maria"  2 Nov 1869Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76145
20 Maynard, George Willie  11 Mar 1868Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76149
21 Start, George  29 Mar 1865Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76146
22 Maynard, George B.  29 Mar 1865Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76148
23 Shattuck, Josiah  11 Aug 1858Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76247
24 Maynard, John  1816Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76063

1800 Census

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1800 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Stephen III  1800Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I75959
2 Maynard, John  1800Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76208
3 Baker, Joseph  1800Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76066

1810 Census

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1810 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Stephen III  1810Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I75959
2 Maynard, Simon  1810Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76301
3 Maynard, John  1810Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76208
4 Maynard, Ephraim  1810Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76130
5 Maynard, Edward  1810Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76047

1820 Census

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1820 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Simon  1820Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76301
2 Maynard, John  1820Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76208
3 Maynard, Ephraim  1820Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76130

1850 Census

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Samuel  26 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76179
2 Maynard, James  23 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76159
3 Maynard, Simon  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76301
4 Maynard, Mercy  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76178
5 Maynard, Ephraim  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76130
6 Maynard, Calvin  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76166
7 Maynard, Alice Jane  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76132
8 Maynard, Adin H.  20 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76158
9 Maynard, William T.  19 Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76182
10 Maynard, Jesse Knowles  Sep 1850Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76107

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Anna W.  Jun 1860Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76352

1870 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1870 Census    Person ID 
1 Skinner, Mary J.  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76162
2 Skinner, Isaac N.  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76163
3 Maynard, Sarah Ann  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76161
4 Maynard, Orrilla R. "Aurilla"  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76122
5 Maynard, Ophelia P.  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76129
6 Maynard, James  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76159
7 Maynard, Ashley Josiah  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76138
8 Maynard, Alice Jane  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76132
9 Maynard, Adin H.  23 Jun 1870Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76158

1880 Census

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID 
1 Pells, Minnie E.  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76357
2 Pells, Langdon  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76358
3 Maynard, Orlando Jackson  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76219
4 Maynard, Harrison S.  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76169
5 Maynard, Gaylord Henry  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76356
6 Maynard, Calvin  22 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76166
7 Maynard, William T.  7 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76182
8 Maynard, Myron Burton  7 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76215
9 Maynard, Frank Burton  7 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76197
10 Maynard, Burton Hollis  7 Jun 1880Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76185

1930 Census

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 Census    Person ID 
1 Maynard, Melville Gaylord  17 Apr 1930Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76360
2 Maynard, Gaylord Henry  17 Apr 1930Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76356

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Sumner R.  1 Feb 1882Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76113

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Start, Mariah J. "Maria"  28 Nov 1869Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76145


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baker, Joseph  Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT I76066


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Maynard / Fletcher  13 Oct 1911Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT F28711
2 Maynard / Start  1 Jan 1859Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT F28645
3 Start / Colton  4 Oct 1830Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT F28646
4 Maynard / Knowles  1799Bakersfield, Franklin Co., VT F28662