One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 33.9077777777778, Longitude: -81.5475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davis, Son  10 May 1921Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50316
2 Davis, James Paul  10 Jan 1910Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50315
3 Steadman, Henrietta Marcelle "Retta"  24 Sep 1907Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I61368
4 Willis, Walter Harold  27 Apr 1907Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I38655
5 Steadman, Charles Elliott  3 Jun 1904Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I61367
6 Steadman, Harold  7 Dec 1901Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I61366
7 Steadman, Henry Spann Jr.  14 Apr 1900Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I45410
8 Steadman, Mark Sidney  29 Jan 1898Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I61365
9 Steadman, Jane Elizabeth  4 Jan 1898Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I45409
10 Prater, Lottie Eva  14 Dec 1892Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80422
11 Boatwright, Oscar C.  1 Oct 1885Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50206
12 Boatwright, Ida C.  May 1882Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50205
13 Boatwright, Bertha  2 Dec 1877Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50202
14 Boatwright, Reedy J.  Feb 1876Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50201
15 Davis, James Edwin  25 May 1875Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50283
16 Davis, Lovell  Abt 1872Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50282
17 Boatwright, Rufus W.  10 May 1871Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50199
18 Davis, Levora  Abt 1870Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50281
19 Boatwright, Leila Estelle  16 Sep 1869Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50198
20 Davis, Sullivan  24 Nov 1867Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50280
21 Prater, Robert Lee  10 May 1866Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80424
22 Davis, Lela  9 Apr 1865Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50279
23 Davis, Eufalla  12 Dec 1863Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50278
24 Davis, John S.  14 Dec 1861Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50277
25 Davis, Sarah Willa Debbie  10 Sep 1859Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50276
26 Davis, Efford Shuford  21 Aug 1856Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50275
27 Hallman, Elliott  2 May 1856Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50250
28 Hallman, Martha  29 Apr 1854Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50249
29 Hallman, Franklin Solomon  17 May 1851Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50248
30 Hallman, William Samuel  12 Aug 1849Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50247
31 Hallman, John Thomas  28 Dec 1846Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50246
32 Hallman, George Washington  14 Sep 1842Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50245
33 Hallman, Louis Albert  9 Jan 1840Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50244
34 Hallman, Martin Luther  1 Oct 1837Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50243
35 Hallman, Sarah Ann  5 Jan 1835Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50242
36 Hallman, Mary Ann  5 Jan 1835Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50241
37 Davis, John Thomas  27 Nov 1826Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50274


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Matthews, Vera Sallie  13 Nov 1983Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I69799
2 Boatwright, Oscar C.  Dec 1969Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50206
3 Ramsay, Thomas Preston  31 Aug 1968Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80421
4 Boatwright, Bertha  10 Aug 1968Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50202
5 Britt, Nancy Esther  7 Dec 1965Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80425
6 Boatwright, Leila Estelle  2 May 1963Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50198
7 Mabus, Effie  27 Jul 1956Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I38994
8 Hallman, Elliott  26 Dec 1941Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50250
9 Clark, Mary Emily  8 Jul 1934Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I40132
10 Hallman, Franklin Solomon  14 Sep 1932Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50248
11 Steadman, Eugene Russell  2 Jul 1927Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I61283
12 Prater, Robert Lee  20 Apr 1926Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80424
13 Davis, Son  11 May 1921Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50316
14 Davis, John S.  24 Dec 1908Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50277
15 Boatwright, Rufus W.  30 Oct 1906Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I50199
16 Boatwright, Azariah J.  22 May 1903Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I40131
17 Rinehart, Rebecca  6 Jan 1903Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80429
18 Steadman, Jane Elizabeth  6 Oct 1898Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I45409
19 Steadman, Ouida Edelwiess  22 Sep 1897Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I45408
20 Duncan, Charles G.  21 Jan 1880Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I80428

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Willis, William Atwell  15 Jan 1910Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC I38666


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boatwright / Clark  27 Feb 1868Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC F15134
2 Hallman / Boatwright  1834Batesburg, Lexington Co., SC F18532