One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Jamestown, Newport Co., RI


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 41.4969444444444, Longitude: -71.3677777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tefft, Jessie Augusta  20 Sep 1907Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5129
2 Tefft, Hannah Watson  11 Feb 1879Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5120
3 Tefft, Jesse Cottrell  3 Aug 1873Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5122
4 Tefft, Job Watson  24 Apr 1872Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5121
5 Tefft, Jeremiah Hazard  21 May 1865Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5119
6 Tefft, Thomas Arnold  22 Mar 1861Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5118
7 Hazard, Lucy Ann  28 Nov 1834Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5111
8 Chappell, Harriet G.  Feb 1801Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I14738
9 Slocum, John  26 Mar 1790Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I61675
10 Hendrick, James  31 Jul 1773Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26852
11 Slocum, Samuel Peleg  1761Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I61672
12 Slocum, Abel  13 Oct 1758Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27020
13 Slocum, Rhoda  14 Apr 1756Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27019
14 Slocum, Penelope  20 Apr 1754Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27018
15 Slocum, Sarah  11 Mar 1751/52Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26855
16 Slocum, Peleg  21 Jan 1748/49Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27017
17 Hendrick, James  Abt 1748Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26854
18 Slocum, Hannah  21 Dec 1747Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27016
19 Tennant, George  Abt 1743Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27022
20 Hazard, Oliver  30 Mar 1739Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I12277
21 Thomas, Patience  7 Mar 1731/32Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4895
22 Franklin, Penelope  26 Jul 1730Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26959
23 Franklin, John  12 May 1727Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4599
24 Franklin, Sarah  25 Aug 1725Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I25349
25 Weeden, Phebe May  21 Jun 1725Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5403
26 Franklin, George  30 Jun 1723Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I25389
27 Franklin, Abel  8 Mar 1718/19Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26987
28 Franklin, Hannah  15 Dec 1717Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26960
29 Franklin, Stephen  4 Mar 1714/15Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26985
30 Slocum, Samuel  9 Sep 1711Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26978
31 Slocum, Mary  12 Aug 1708Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27032
32 [--?--], Clemence  Abt 1694Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26993
33 Carr, Hannah  13 Jan 1690/91Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4244
34 Remington, Gershom  Dec 1690Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26992
35 Cook, Sarah  14 Mar 1688/89Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I6549
36 Remington, Sarah  29 Aug 1688Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26974
37 Slocum, Ebenezer  20 Jan 1685/86Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27030
38 Slocum, Samuel  2 Mar 1683/84Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4243
39 Arnold, Patience  16 Jan 1683/84Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5333
40 Remington, Stephen  1659Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26975
41 Remington, Thomas  6 Feb 1655/56Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I25350
42 Remington, Mary  Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26991
43 Coulson, Thomas  Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26982


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Tefft, Jesse Cottrell  4 Aug 1957Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5122
2 Tefft, Ebenezer Newell  28 Jan 1921Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5107
3 Hazard, Lucy Ann  19 Aug 1908Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5111
4 Champlin, William A.  15 Aug 1904Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I14749
5 Tefft, Ebenezer Newell  1 Dec 1856Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4634
6 Remington, Mary  Aft 17 Feb 1794Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26991
7 Mitchell, Elizabeth  25 May 1768Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26998
8 Franklin, George  Abt 1768Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I25389
9 Mitchell, Margaret  10 Aug 1765Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26986
10 Parker, Penelope  1740Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26976
11 Remington, Stephen  19 Feb 1737/38Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26975
12 Thurston, Mary  16 Nov 1732Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27015
13 Slocum, Ebenezer  1 Apr 1715Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27014
14 Slocum, Mary  29 Sep 1708Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27032
15 Arnold, Oliver  6 Nov 1697Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I5343
16 Parker, Peter  Aft 1694Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26983

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Sarah  22 Mar 1799Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4765
2 Stedman, Robert  4 Feb 1797Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I4764
3 Slocum, Sarah  3 Nov 1752Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26855

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Franklin, Abel  13 Sep 1753Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26973


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Slocum, Samuel  14 Feb 1775Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26978
2 Thurston, Mary  22 Nov 1732Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27015
3 Slocum, Ebenezer  4 Oct 1715Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27030
4 Slocum, Ebenezer  20 Apr 1715Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27014
5 Carr, Edward  22 Jan 1711/12Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27028


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Slocum, Samuel  16 Jan 1775Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I26978
2 Thurston, Mary  5 Nov 1729Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27015
3 Slocum, Ebenezer  28 Sep 1715Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27030
4 Slocum, Ebenezer  10 Dec 1714Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27014
5 Carr, Edward  22 Dec 1711Jamestown, Newport Co., RI I27028


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Briggs / Green  6 Sep 1913Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F23052
2 Slocum / Dyer  4 May 1793Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F22745
3 Hendrick / Slocum  3 Jan 1773Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10034
4 Tennant / Slocum  26 May 1767Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10103
5 Slocum / Tew  11 Mar 1760Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10106
6 Franklin / Remington  30 Apr 1749Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10089
7 Sherman / Franklin  8 Sep 1748Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10097
8 Slocum / Franklin  27 Nov 1746Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10071
9 Eldred / Weeden  20 Nov 1740Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F1875
10 Bill / Franklin  4 Jun 1740Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10082
11 Franklin / Remington  1714Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10080
12 Coulson / Remington  14 Nov 1711Jamestown, Newport Co., RI F10088