One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Middletown, Newport Co., RI


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 41.5455555555556, Longitude: -71.2919444444444

Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 41.5160711111111, Longitude: -71.2999113888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LaFarge, Oliver Hazard Perry  10 Jul 1869Middletown, Newport Co., RI I7324
2 Rodman, Nancy Freeborn  21 Aug 1835Middletown, Newport Co., RI I4611
3 Peckham, Sophia  1821Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54256
4 Peckham, James Monroe  15 May 1817Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54255
5 Peckham, Elizabeth Gardner  14 May 1817Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54254
6 Peckham, Esther Gould  6 Jun 1815Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54253
7 Peckham, Abby Ardelia  26 Jul 1813Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54252
8 Peckham, Nicholas Alfred  18 Aug 1811Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54251
9 Peckham, Edward S.  20 Jun 1809Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54250
10 Peckham, Henry Jr.  17 Jun 1805Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54249
11 Peckham, Lydia Belinda  1 Dec 1803Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54248
12 Peckham, Henry  27 Dec 1783Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54244
13 Sherman, Susannah  8 May 1781Middletown, Newport Co., RI I32542
14 Gould, William  Abt 1771Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54420
15 Smith, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1753Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54246
16 Peckham, Peleg  1739Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54245
17 Coggeshall, Daniel  Apr 1665Middletown, Newport Co., RI I15376
18 Peckham, Mary  Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54247
19 Peckham, Edward Julian  Middletown, Newport Co., RI I5285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Martin, Emily  26 Jan 1990Middletown, Newport Co., RI I16905
2 Weston, William Alfred Beale  20 Mar 1913Middletown, Newport Co., RI I79268
3 Underwood, Peter Boss  14 Sep 1856Middletown, Newport Co., RI I27214
4 Smith, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1833Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54246
5 Peckham, Peleg  12 Apr 1833Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54245
6 Peckham, Sophia  Bef 1823Middletown, Newport Co., RI I54256
7 Chase, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1814Middletown, Newport Co., RI I32561
8 Perry, Dorcas  16 Jan 1745/46Middletown, Newport Co., RI I15157
9 Gould, Wait  14 Mar 1724/25Middletown, Newport Co., RI I15237
10 Sayles, John  1681Middletown, Newport Co., RI I18723

1900 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID 
1 Weston, Ernest  6 Jun 1900Middletown, Newport Co., RI I79265

1910 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 Census    Person ID 
1 Weston, Ernest  29 Apr 1910Middletown, Newport Co., RI I79265

1920 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Jane  2 Jan 1920Middletown, Newport Co., RI I489


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Peckham / Smith  Abt 1 Aug 1772Middletown, Newport Co., RI F20013
2 Gould / Coggeshall  15 Oct 1761Middletown, Newport Co., RI F6244
3 Easton / Turner  22 Jan 1761Middletown, Newport Co., RI F2085