One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Newfane, Windham Co., VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, George Ober  3 May 1872Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7849
2 Perry, Chester E.  Abt Nov 1842Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23962
3 Foster, Edwin Allen  26 Oct 1842Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23936
4 Stedman, Anna Hoyt  Abt 6 Aug 1839Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7850
5 Foster, James Allen  Mar 1837Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23972
6 Foster, Daughter  2 Apr 1834Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23971
7 Foster, Austin Wiltshire  8 Aug 1830Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23970
8 Allen, Jonathan Park  14 Mar 1826Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62714
9 Foster, Samantha  1826Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23935
10 Foster, Henry Nichols  1823Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23934
11 Allen, John Harrod  29 Dec 1822Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62707
12 Allen, Caroline R.  16 Feb 1821Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62706
13 Foster, William Stedman  1821Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23955
14 Allen, Sally Miranda  9 Jan 1819Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62710
15 Allen, Lucius  19 Jan 1817Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62708
16 Allen, Oscar Stedman  18 Dec 1813Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62709
17 Stedman, William Allen  12 Sep 1813Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7841
18 Holland, Lucius  28 Dec 1811Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23947
19 Babcock, Jonathan M.  Abt Mar 1811Newfane, Windham Co., VT I76852
20 Stedman, Althine  21 Sep 1810Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7840
21 Allen, Luritta  26 Jul 1809Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62712
22 Allen, Mary  1 Sep 1806Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62713
23 Allen, Loiza  12 Jul 1804Newfane, Windham Co., VT I62711
24 Stedman, Maria  4 May 1804Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7838
25 Stedman, Esther  29 Aug 1801Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7837
26 Stedman, Sarah "Sally"  1 Feb 1792Newfane, Windham Co., VT I19078
27 Stedman, Ruth  26 Mar 1790Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7832
28 Stedman, Mary  13 Aug 1788Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7831
29 Stedman, Bettie  10 Mar 1785Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7830
30 Stedman, Hulda  10 Oct 1783Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7829
31 Stedman, Luritta  19 Nov 1781Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7828
32 Stedman, Lucinda  12 Mar 1780Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7827
33 Stedman, William  26 Mar 1778Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7826
34 Stedman, Mary  15 Sep 1776Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7825
35 Stedman, Betty  14 Nov 1774Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7824
36 Stedman, Billy  5 Jul 1773Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7823
37 Stone, Merton C.  Newfane, Windham Co., VT I78594


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Ida Melissa  11 Jan 1911Newfane, Windham Co., VT I17912
2 Hawes, Nancy Everett  7 Jul 1867Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23959
3 Stedman, William  29 Jan 1865Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7826
4 Bennet, Nancy  25 Nov 1857Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23933
5 Stedman, Charles A.  2 Aug 1853Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7853
6 Foster, Samantha  18 Sep 1851Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23935
7 Stedman, Jane Elizabeth  16 Jan 1844Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7851
8 Morse, Ruth  22 Dec 1843Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7822
9 Stedman, Infant  7 Jul 1843Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23961
10 Foster, James Allen  18 May 1838Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23972
11 Foster, Daughter  26 Apr 1834Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23971
12 Foster, Austin Wiltshire  19 Apr 1832Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23970
13 Richardson, Lucy  May 1830Newfane, Windham Co., VT I11287
14 Richardson, Esther  12 May 1823Newfane, Windham Co., VT I11289
15 Allen, Milla "Milley"  22 Apr 1821Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7834
16 Stedman, Nathaniel  16 Oct 1812Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7821
17 Allen, Judge Ebenezer  1805Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7835
18 Stedman, Mary  20 Sep 1777Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7825
19 Stedman, Billy  14 Sep 1777Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7823
20 Stedman, Betty  10 Sep 1777Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7824

1800 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1800 Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Nathaniel  1800Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7821

1810 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1810 Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, William  1810Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7826
2 Stedman, Nathaniel  1810Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7821
3 Allen, Ichabod  1810Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23932

1820 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1820 Census    Person ID 
1 Stedman, William  1820Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7826
2 Allen, Ichabod  1820Newfane, Windham Co., VT I23932

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Mary  10 Sep 1777Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7825

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Morse, Ruth  22 Dec 1834Newfane, Windham Co., VT I7822


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stone / Stedman  23 May 1931Newfane, Windham Co., VT F29580
2 Stedman / Ober  3 May 1865Newfane, Windham Co., VT F3431
3 Holland / Stedman  25 Nov 1834Newfane, Windham Co., VT F9036
4 Philips / Stedman  30 Nov 1825Newfane, Windham Co., VT F9032
5 Holland / Stedman  28 Oct 1824Newfane, Windham Co., VT F3427
6 Foster / Stedman  8 Mar 1820Newfane, Windham Co., VT F3426
7 Sanders / Stedman  30 Oct 1814Newfane, Windham Co., VT F3420
8 Allen / Stedman  9 Dec 1802Newfane, Windham Co., VT F9031
9 Woods / Stedman  29 Oct 1801Newfane, Windham Co., VT F9030
10 Stedman / Allen  27 Jul 1800Newfane, Windham Co., VT F3419