One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tourgee, Louis Leon  8 Mar 1884Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I54602
2 Stephens, Ella May  10 Sep 1853Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I54671
3 Vaughan, Weston Clark  16 Apr 1853Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I54670
4 Maynard, Frances L.  1822Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77830
5 Jackson, Frances Leonard  4 Apr 1789Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77715
6 Wadsworth, Charles Lee  26 Jan 1776Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I3291
7 Gardner, Cynthia  Abt 1772Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I10122
8 Jackson, William  14 Jul 1763Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77714
9 Bearce, Gideon Jr.  9 Feb 1758Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I10399
10 Bartlett, Elizabeth  9 Aug 1753Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2583
11 Cushman, Sarah  6 Jan 1748/49Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I1336
12 Shurtleff, Mary  29 Aug 1732Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I60056
13 Chipman, Benjamin  23 May 1729Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I3283
14 Ellis, Eleanor  6 Jul 1725Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I56889
15 Morton, Ephraim  1722Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I14035
16 Howland, Nathaniel  9 Jun 1705Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70934
17 Shurtleff, John  15 Jun 1693Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I60057
18 Lucas, Sarah  14 Dec 1692Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I60058
19 Lucas, Joanna  9 Feb 1690/91Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I61458
20 Sampson, Jonathan  9 Feb 1689/90Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I61457
21 Bradford, Priscilla  10 Mar 1685/86Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65894
22 Crippen, Jabez  Abt 1680Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I30234
23 Cole, Martha  Abt 1672Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70933
24 Howland, Nathaniel  1671Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70932
25 Freeman, Nathaniel  20 May 1669Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I37564
26 Bradford, Alice  27 Mar 1661Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I32338
27 Morton, Hannah  1659Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I57905
28 Warren, Mercy  Abt 23 Feb 1652/53Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65896
29 Bradford, Maj. John Kingston  20 Feb 1651/52Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65895
30 Twinning, Elizabeth  1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I79044
31 Eddy, Obadiah  1645Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I34414
32 Randall, Hannah  Mar 1643/44Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I83146
33 Randall, Joseph  Mar 1641/42Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I83149
34 Cook, Elizabeth  6 Dec 1641Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I5458
35 Billington, Mary  Abt 1640Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I24102
36 Eddy, Zachariah  1639Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I34424
37 Phinney, John Jr.  24 Dec 1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I79039
38 Faunce, Priscilla  Abt 1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65898
39 Standish, Josiah Sr.  Abt 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I36747
40 Sayles, John  Abt 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I18723
41 Prence, Mary  Jun 1631Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I37567
42 Fuller, John  1631Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I57904
43 Howland, Hope  30 Aug 1629Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65902
44 Alden, Sarah  Abt 1629Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2657
45 Alden, Joseph  Aft 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2656
46 Standish, Alexander  Bef 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I10542
47 Warren, Joseph  22 Mar 1626/27Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65897
48 Alden, Elizabeth  Abt 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2650
49 Alden, John II  22 May 1622Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2655


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Morgan Dayton  11 Nov 1998Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I14331
2 Pierce, Grace M.  15 Jul 1922Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I51976
3 Arnold, Alfred Frye  19 Nov 1914Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I27043
4 Perkins, Nancy Maynard  23 Feb 1887Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I53538
5 Jackson, William  25 Oct 1836Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77714
6 Barnes, Anna  20 Jul 1794Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77828
7 Howland, Nathaniel  13 Jul 1766Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70934
8 Murdock, John  Mar 1756Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I6969
9 Howland, Nathaniel  29 Dec 1746Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70932
10 Bradford, Maj. John Kingston  8 Dec 1736Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65895
11 Eddy, Obadiah  1727Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I34414
12 Cole, Martha  11 Aug 1718Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70933
13 Southworth, Elizabeth  Mar 1716/17Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70931
14 Faunce, Priscilla  Abt 14 May 1707Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65898
15 Bradford, Maj. William  20 Feb 1703/04Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I17341
16 Howland, Capt. Joseph  Jan 1703/04Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I70930
17 Perry, Margaret  Abt 1703Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I15544
18 Lee, Mary  6 May 1693Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I37569
19 Jouatt, Elizabeth Marsh  12 Oct 1673Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I4154
20 Howland, John  Abt 22 Feb 1672/73Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I65903
21 Richards, Alice  12 Dec 1671Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I17342
22 Carpenter, Alice  Bef 29 Mar 1670Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I17344
23 Hopkins, Stephen  Bef 17 Jul 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I32822
24 Longland, Elinor Newton  2 Mar 1641/42Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I24106
25 Billington, John  Sep 1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I24105
26 Warren, Richard  1628Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I4153
27 Atwood, Alice  Mar 1620/21Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2665
28 Mullins, William Sr.  21 Feb 1620/21Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I2664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MacDonald, Octavia Sarah "Annie"  Aft 26 Jul 1914Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I10490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Frances Leonard  Jan 1821Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I77715
2 Winslow, Kenelm  1629Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA I83169


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Vaughan / Stephens  29 Nov 1877Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F20163
2 Maynard / Jackson  5 Feb 1821Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F29221
3 Jackson / Barnes  5 Apr 1788Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F29261
4 Eddy / Morton  10 Mar 1763Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F8626
5 Shurtleff / Lucas  23 Mar 1726/27Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F22117
6 Howland / Cole  16 Mar 1696/97Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F26428
7 Fuller / Morton  24 Mar 1686/87Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F21340
8 Wilcox / Cook  28 Nov 1671Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F2425
9 Howland / Southworth  7 Dec 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F26437
10 Howland / Lee  26 Oct 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F14066
11 Bradford / Richards  Abt 1650Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F6914
12 Chipman / Howland  13 Sep 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F24431
13 Winslow / Newton  Jun 1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F31697
14 Cook / Warren  28 Mar 1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F9932

Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Maynard / Jackson  14 Jan 1821Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA F29221