One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 42.2527777777778, Longitude: -71.0027777777778

Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 42.2522811111111, Longitude: -71.0041580555556


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mullin, Joseph John  2 Jan 1933Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I14
2 Kline, Phyllis Katherine  12 Jun 1913Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62386
3 Harris, Kathleen  21 Aug 1908Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62381
4 Steadman, Rear Admiral Giles Chester  2 Sep 1897Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I32069
5 Stedman, Charles Francis  6 Mar 1897Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I26046
6 Stedman, Mary Louise  27 Aug 1895Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I26045
7 Howarth, Steadman Lawrence  20 Nov 1894Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I22746
8 Howarth, Idena Lippsatte  31 Jan 1892Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I22745
9 Jones, Sadie Malzena  Aug 1874Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62383
10 Bent, Harriet Stedman  12 Nov 1870Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I13537
11 Shea, Hannah T. "Annie"  Cal 16 Feb 1868Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I32068
12 Hayden, Madeline O.  7 Apr 1848Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28192
13 Abercrombie, Wyman E.  29 Dec 1847Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28188
14 Abercrombie, Mary Julia  4 Oct 1844Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I52544
15 Bent, Winslow Brigham  15 Nov 1825Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11722
16 Bent, Eliza  18 Aug 1823Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28184
17 Bent, Ebenezer  18 Dec 1820Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I9565
18 Bent, Mary M.  22 Feb 1819Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28183
19 Bent, Elizabeth Phillips  28 Aug 1816Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28182
20 Bent, Emily Ann  14 Feb 1814Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28181
21 Bent, Ruth Crouch  13 Feb 1812Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28180
22 Bent, Nathaniel Bowman  15 Apr 1809Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11726
23 Cleverly, Jesse  2 Aug 1805Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28168
24 Hardwick, Joseph  4 Oct 1802Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28158
25 Cary, Isaac  25 Jun 1802Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I24422
26 Baxter, George  22 Feb 1795Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11574
27 Baxter, Daniel Jr.  18 Sep 1792Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11573
28 Baxter, Sarah  13 May 1790Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11572
29 Baxter, Miriam White  24 Jan 1788Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I9524
30 Newcomb, Abigail  Bef 3 May 1772Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11600
31 Baxter, Lt. Daniel  1 Mar 1758Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I10999
32 Quincy, Sarah  2 Oct 1736Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I18810
33 Quincy, Elizabeth  15 Oct 1729Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I30822
34 Quincy, Henry  20 Jan 1726/27Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I7645
35 Baxter, John  14 Feb 1666/67Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28150
36 Wells, Elizabeth Fairfield  Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I3324


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Robert A. "Bob"  6 Feb 2008Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I90
2 Griffin, Diane Y.  30 Apr 2001Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I100
3 Winslow, Frederick  May 1996Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I12079
4 Bruce, Warren Edward  Apr 1981Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I61830
5 Kline, Phyllis Katherine  Aug 1977Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62386
6 McCann, Mary E.  Jul 1976Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I61827
7 Ireland, Ruth Morehouse  17 Nov 1970Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I61839
8 Harris, Arthur Warner  15 Mar 1948Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62382
9 Jones, Sadie Malzena  12 May 1946Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62383
10 Melcher, Annie Elizabeth  26 Aug 1943Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62376
11 Bent, Emily Ann  31 Aug 1882Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28181
12 Stedman, Nancy  16 Jul 1878Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I8084
13 Hayden, Richard Salter Storrs  4 Apr 1854Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28189
14 Baxter, Relief  22 Nov 1849Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11590
15 Bent, Ebenezer  17 Apr 1848Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I9562
16 Kennison, Mary  23 Feb 1845Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I52543
17 Gay, Henry Turner  4 Mar 1844Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11599
18 Monroe, Mary Ellen  14 Aug 1843Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I52545
19 Goss, Sarah Jane  15 Apr 1840Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I52542
20 Baxter, Prudence  12 Mar 1839Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11591
21 Field, Joseph  10 Jun 1836Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11598
22 Torrey, Margaret  20 Dec 1829Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11601
23 Baxter, William  8 Jun 1829Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11592
24 Cleverly, Ruth II  22 May 1828Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28142
25 Cleverly, Leonard  13 Apr 1828Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28135
26 Adams, President John  4 Jul 1826Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I86979
27 Bent, Eliza  8 Feb 1825Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28184
28 Baxter, Sarah  19 Aug 1824Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11593
29 Bent, Ruth Crouch  2 Jul 1824Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28180
30 Baxter, Edward Willard  25 Oct 1823Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11588
31 Newcomb, Abigail  4 Jul 1819Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11600
32 Smith, Abigail  28 Oct 1818Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I86978
33 Crane, Thomas  25 Sep 1818Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11602
34 Belcher, Eunice  1 Apr 1816Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11596
35 Savil, Mary "Molly"  1 Aug 1810Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28162
36 Vesey, Abigail  30 Mar 1810Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28164
37 Spear, Prudence  22 Mar 1809Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11585
38 Cleverly, Susanna II  24 May 1807Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28139
39 Cleverly, Jesse  5 Aug 1805Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28168
40 Cleverly, Lucy  22 May 1805Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28137
41 Cleverly, Benjamin Jr.  20 Jan 1804Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I7636
42 Crane, Joseph  1802Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28161
43 Newcomb, Ebenezer  27 Jan 1801Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I17326
44 Fairbank, Deborah  17 Aug 1798Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I52562
45 Field, Rhoda  27 Feb 1796Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11595
46 Cleverly, Benjamin  3 Jul 1789Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28146
47 Baxter, Sarah  26 Jul 1782Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28147
48 Baxter, John  30 Aug 1777Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28148
49 Baxter, Daniel  9 Sep 1774Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11584
50 Willard, Mehitable  18 Mar 1762Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28149


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Harris, Kathleen  Aft 7 Mar 1979Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I62381
2 Baxter, Elizabeth  Aft 21 Jun 1844Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11589
3 Baxter, Prudence  Aft 12 Mar 1839Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11591

1940 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1940 Census    Person ID 
1 Gingrich, Solomon Koons  11 Apr 1940Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I88000

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, John Porter  28 May 1905Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I26048

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Bent, Emily Ann  21 Aug 1882Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I28181

Birth Registration

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth Registration    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Charles Francis  31 Jan 1898Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I26046
2 Steadman, Rear Admiral Giles Chester  31 Jan 1898Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I32069
3 Stedman, Mary Louise  31 Jan 1896Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I26045


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McCann, Judy   I64668
2 Steadman, Scott T.   I102
3 Steadman, Joan L.  1990Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I92
4 Johnston, Rev. Henry Douglas Carey  Oct 1953Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA I11567


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burnham / Kline  24 Oct 1938Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F23022
2 Burnham / Harris  10 Sep 1931Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F23018
3 Beckwith / Brady  9 May 1907Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F24461
4 Harris / Jones  25 Oct 1899Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F23019
5 Steadman / Shea  12 Feb 1896Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F11978
6 Bent / Hayden  20 Jun 1871Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F19398
7 Bent / Crane  3 Nov 1869Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4170
8 Hayden / Bent  9 May 1847Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10544
9 Abercrombie / Bent  4 Jan 1846Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10543
10 Abercrombie / Kennison  9 Jan 1842Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F19372
11 Munroe / Bent  17 Nov 1839Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10541
12 Abercrombie / Goss  Aft 27 Jan 1839Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F19371
13 Hardwick / Plummer  6 Apr 1829Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10531
14 Baxter / Torrey  7 Sep 1820Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4914
15 Gay / Baxter  4 May 1807Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4913
16 Baxter / Belcher  17 Jan 1797Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4910
17 Crane / Baxter  6 Nov 1796Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4916
18 Fowles / Cleverly  12 Jun 1796Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10539
19 Cleverly / Burrell  6 Sep 1795Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10527
20 Newcomb / Baxter  17 Apr 1794Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F4917
21 Brown / Cleverly  26 Dec 1785Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F10522

Marriage intent

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage intent    Family ID 
1 Abercrombie / Goss  27 Jan 1839Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F19371
2 Bent / Stedman  12 Mar 1809Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA F3551