One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Branch, Samuel  2 Apr 1804Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29615
2 Branch, Almira  8 Sep 1803Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29614
3 Stedman, Jebez  31 Jul 1802Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26162
4 Stedman, Harriet  21 Feb 1801Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26161
5 Branch, Mary "Polly"  15 Aug 1800Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29620
6 Stedman, Lucy S.  3 Aug 1800Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26160
7 Stedman, Penelope  6 Nov 1799Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26159
8 Branch, Jasper Levi  8 Jul 1798Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29577
9 Stedman, Maj. Lyman  Abt May 1798Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26050
10 Stedman, Sallie "Salla"  1 Feb 1795Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26158
11 Hazen, Sarah  20 Apr 1792Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29658
12 Stedman, William "Billy" II  5 Oct 1791Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5647
13 Stedman, Amelia  5 Oct 1791Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5648
14 Hazen, Rev. Reuben Stedman  26 Aug 1790Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29664
15 Stedman, Abigail "Nabby"  23 Aug 1787Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I11637
16 Stedman, Abel C.  26 Feb 1785Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5645
17 Stedman, William  30 Jun 1783Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5644
18 Stedman, Abial "Bial"  23 Jul 1781Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5643
19 Stedman, Tryphena  9 Apr 1779Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5642
20 Stedman, Rev. Eli  17 Aug 1777Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5641
21 Stedman, Levi  19 Sep 1776Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5640
22 Stedman, Alexander  15 May 1775Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5639
23 Stedman, Beulah  1 May 1773Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I1337
24 Stedman, Judge Levi  19 Sep 1771Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I1338
25 Stedman, Sarah II  15 Feb 1770Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I11928


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cowdery, Dr. Jabez  7 Sep 1826Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I18512
2 Cowdery, Jacob  11 Apr 1820Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I30030
3 Hazen, Sarah  3 Sep 1816Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I29658
4 Wickham, Ruth  6 Nov 1815Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I18513
5 Burnham, Hannah  Apr 1809Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I78466
6 Hunt, Daniel  1 Oct 1807Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I78467
7 Stedman, Alexander  9 Dec 1791Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5639
8 Stedman, Beulah  8 Sep 1774Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I1337

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, William "Billy" II  5 Oct 1790Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I5647
2 Stedman, Maj. Lyman  16 Dec 1789Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I26050
3 Stedman, Beulah  26 Sep 1773Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT I1337


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kingsbury / Cowdery  3 Feb 1799Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT F11183
2 Stedman / Cowdery  27 Mar 1794Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT F729
3 Hazen / Stedman  1788Tunbridge, Orange Co., VT F5058