One Name Study of the Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families
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Warwick, Kent Co., RI


Tree: Stedman/Steadman/Steedman Families of the New World

Latitude: 41.6985611111111, Longitude: -71.4616519444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gardner, Elizabeth Tibbets  10 Feb 1867Warwick, Kent Co., RI I48754
2 Tew, Frederick Browning  8 Dec 1853Warwick, Kent Co., RI I48753
3 Oatley, Hannah  1832Warwick, Kent Co., RI I54856
4 Barton, Sarah Baker  27 May 1814Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18744
5 Tourgee, Ebenezer S.  2 Jan 1809Warwick, Kent Co., RI I22534
6 Essex, Ruth  4 May 1792Warwick, Kent Co., RI I84482
7 Remington, Rosannah  13 Jan 1769Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25385
8 Remington, Holden  17 Jun 1765Warwick, Kent Co., RI I16789
9 Barton, Capt. Rufus  1763Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18743
10 Slocum, John  Abt 1762Warwick, Kent Co., RI I61677
11 Gorton, Joseph  29 May 1760Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25386
12 Donnison, Gen. William  1757Warwick, Kent Co., RI I7651
13 Greene, Nathaniel  21 Jul 1748Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18814
14 Rice, Roby "Rhoda"  20 Feb 1740/41Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25318
15 Greene, Abraham  10 Oct 1740Warwick, Kent Co., RI I26882
16 Remington, Ruel  Abt 1740Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25317
17 Lippitt, Catherine  19 Dec 1734Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18707
18 Greene, Richard  4 Oct 1725Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18815
19 Greene, Dianah G.  24 Dec 1715Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25388
20 Rhodes, Waite  29 Dec 1714Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18709
21 Rice, Capt. Randall  21 May 1714Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25387
22 Howland, Sarah  10 May 1711Warwick, Kent Co., RI I72120
23 Lippitt, Moses  17 Jan 1708/09Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18708
24 Carder, Sarah  14 May 1705Warwick, Kent Co., RI I82355
25 Gorton, Ann  19 Feb 1695/96Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25353
26 Holden, Catherine  6 Aug 1694Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18711
27 Rhodes, Maj. John Jr.  20 Nov 1691Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18710
28 Remington, Daniel  1689Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25352
29 Barton, Naomi  1686Warwick, Kent Co., RI I27031
30 [--?--], Elizabeth  Abt 1679Warwick, Kent Co., RI I81443
31 Stafford, Frances  1679Warwick, Kent Co., RI I16764
32 Shippee, Solomon  Abt 1677Warwick, Kent Co., RI I81444
33 Rice, John Jr.  1675Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64511
34 Collins, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1672Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25394
35 Gorton, Samuel  22 Jul 1672Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25393
36 Tefft, Peter  14 Mar 1671/72Warwick, Kent Co., RI I5009
37 Greene, Catherine  18 Aug 1665Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18713
38 Holden, Lt. Charles  22 Mar 1664/65Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18712
39 Allen, Mary  1664Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25351
40 Sweet, Benoni  28 Mar 1663Warwick, Kent Co., RI I4714
41 Holden, Margaret Dungan  Jan 1662/63Warwick, Kent Co., RI I5407
42 Holden, Elizabeth  Aug 1652Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64510
43 Scranton, Margaret  Abt Aug 1643Warwick, Kent Co., RI I6500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gingrich, Tyrone Gene "Ty"  19 May 2014Warwick, Kent Co., RI I88016
2 Cottrell, Mary Weeks  21 Mar 1933Warwick, Kent Co., RI I71570
3 Perry, Harriet Elizabeth  24 Aug 1927Warwick, Kent Co., RI I15109
4 Oatley, Mary  19 Feb 1904Warwick, Kent Co., RI I54857
5 Allen, Mary E.  3 Jun 1887Warwick, Kent Co., RI I58098
6 Grinnell, Amey  30 Aug 1863Warwick, Kent Co., RI I56649
7 Browning, John  28 Feb 1838Warwick, Kent Co., RI I17425
8 Gorton, Joseph  7 Dec 1814Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25386
9 Remington, Daniel  12 Mar 1787Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25352
10 Rhodes, Maj. John Jr.  1776Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18710
11 Whipple, Elnathan  9 Jan 1755Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64512
12 Rice, John Jr.  1755Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64511
13 Lippitt, Moses  12 Dec 1745Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18772
14 Holden, Catherine  25 Jul 1731Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18711
15 Rice, John Sr.  6 Jan 1730/31Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64513
16 Place, Marbury  10 Apr 1724Warwick, Kent Co., RI I6519
17 Gorton, Samuel  21 Aug 1723Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25393
18 Holden, Lt. Charles  21 Jul 1717Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18712
19 Rhodes, John  14 Aug 1716Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18714
20 Allen, Mary  1710Warwick, Kent Co., RI I25351
21 Almy, Ann  17 May 1709Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18727
22 Remington, John  1709Warwick, Kent Co., RI I26979
23 Greene, Maj. John  27 Nov 1708Warwick, Kent Co., RI I18726
24 Sweet, James  18 Jun 1698Warwick, Kent Co., RI I4721
25 Greene, Mary  8 Nov 1686Warwick, Kent Co., RI I4722
26 Holden, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1673/74Warwick, Kent Co., RI I64510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Remington, John  Aft 1709Warwick, Kent Co., RI I26979

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID 
1 Lock, William J. S.  26 Sep 1850Warwick, Kent Co., RI I60009

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID 
1 Cottrell, Jessie Dye  23 Jun 1860Warwick, Kent Co., RI I71552

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Greene, Hannah  Between 1773 and 1776Warwick, Kent Co., RI I26853
2 Remington, Holden  17 Jun 1766Warwick, Kent Co., RI I16789


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hammil, Capt. William  Warwick, Kent Co., RI I77488


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barton / Card  10 Sep 1789Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7336
2 Donnison / Lippitt  25 Mar 1756Warwick, Kent Co., RI F3348
3 Rice / Greene  16 Mar 1735/36Warwick, Kent Co., RI F9513
4 Lippitt / Rhodes  26 Apr 1732Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7313
5 Hazard / Carder  5 Dec 1722Warwick, Kent Co., RI F31285
6 Remington / Gorton  16 Feb 1721/22Warwick, Kent Co., RI F9495
7 Rice / Whipple  25 Jul 1695Warwick, Kent Co., RI F23866
8 Gorton / Collins  9 May 1695Warwick, Kent Co., RI F9516
9 Holden / Greene  1688Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7317
10 Rhodes / Waterman  12 Feb 1684/85Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7316
11 Greene / Sayles  17 Dec 1674Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7325
12 Rice / Holden  16 Jul 1674Warwick, Kent Co., RI F23867
13 Gardiner / Tefft  Abt 13 Feb 1669/70Warwick, Kent Co., RI F2249
14 Shippee / Scranton  15 Aug 1664Warwick, Kent Co., RI F2880
15 Allen / [--?--]  1663Warwick, Kent Co., RI F9515
16 Sweet / Greene  1654Warwick, Kent Co., RI F2133
17 Holden / Dungan  1648Warwick, Kent Co., RI F2897
18 Greene / Almy  Abt 1648Warwick, Kent Co., RI F7318