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Northfleet, Kent, England, UK


Tree: Stedman Families of the United Kingdom

Latitude: 51.4461402777778, Longitude: 0.326469722222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, John  Abt 1817Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I10105
2 Blackman, Leonard  Abt 1818Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4017
3 Blackman, Sarah Ann  16 Jul 1848Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
4 Bradford, Alice Mary  Between 1 Apr 1868 and 30 Jun 1868Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4067
5 Bradford, Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1869Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4068
6 Dann, Ethel Grace  24 Oct 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9910
7 Davies, Ann Taylor  Abt 1872Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4141
8 Elvey, Alfred J.  Abt 1868Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4096
9 Elvey, Caroline  Abt 1863Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4095
10 Elvey, Ellen  Abt Dec 1860Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4023
11 Elvey, Emma J.  Abt 1859Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4022
12 Elvey, William  Abt 1818Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4021
13 Godfrey, Alice Agnes  Between 1 Jul 1866 and 30 Sep 1866Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4015
14 Godfrey, Rosa Minnie  Between 1 Apr 1868 and 30 Jun 1868Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4016
15 Hancock, Alfred John  Between 1 Apr 1855 and 30 Jun 1855Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4111
16 Hancock, Beatrice  Between 1 Jan 1895 and 31 Mar 1895Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4143
17 Hancock, Edward Aubrey  Between 1 Jul 1862 and 30 Sep 1862Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3971
18 Hancock, Eliza  Between 1 Apr 1884 and 30 Jun 1884Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4125
19 Hancock, Elizabeth Ada E.  Between 1 Jan 1890 and 31 Mar 1890Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4134
20 Hancock, Elizabeth Lucy F.  Between 1 Jul 1898 and 30 Sep 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4139
21 Hancock, Frederick Alexander  Abt Aug 1870Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4116
22 Hancock, George  Between 1 Jan 1854 and 31 Mar 1854Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4110
23 Hancock, George Aubra  Between 1 Apr 1896 and 30 Jun 1896Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4144
24 Hancock, George William  Between 1 Jul 1896 and 30 Sep 1896Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4138
25 Hancock, John Davies  Between 1 Oct 1897 and 31 Dec 1897Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4145
26 Hancock, Leumas  Between 1 Apr 1872 and 30 Jun 1872Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4117
27 Hancock, Lucy Annie F.  Between 1 Jan 1866 and 31 Mar 1866Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4115
28 Hancock, Nellie  Between 1 Oct 1893 and 31 Dec 1893Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4142
29 Hancock, Primrose Ellen  Abt Apr 1900Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4140
30 Hancock, Sarah Ann  Between 1 Jul 1864 and 30 Sep 1864Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4114
31 Hancock, Thomas Frederick  Abt Jul 1860Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4113
32 Hancock, Thomas William  Between 1 Apr 1886 and 30 Jun 1886Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4133
33 Hancock, Walter  Abt Dec 1900Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4147
34 Hancock, William  Between 1 Jan 1857 and 31 Mar 1857Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4112
35 Hancock, William Henry  Between 1 Apr 1899 and 30 Jun 1899Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4146
36 Harris, Percy Frederick  5 Dec 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9908
37 Povey, Emma  Between 1 Jan 1869 and 31 Mar 1869Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4154
38 Povey, Sarah  Abt 1818Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4018
39 Russell, Frank  Abt 1893Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15079
40 Russell, Fred  Abt 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15081
41 Russell, Gordon  Abt 1886Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15076
42 Russell, Hilda  Abt 1890Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15078
43 Russell, James  Abt 1887Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15077
44 Russell, May  Abt 1895Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15080
45 Russell, Thomas Henry  Abt 1866Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15075
46 Scutts, Alfred Henry  Between 1 Apr 1879 and 30 Jun 1879Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I62
47 Skews, Louisa  Bef 7 Dec 1834Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4024
48 Smith, George Edward  Between 1 Jul 1856 and 30 Sep 1856Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4183
49 Stanfield, Laura Susannah  Between 1 Apr 1872 and 30 Jun 1872Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9964
50 Steadman, Dorothy Violet  7 Jul 1895Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9905

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Sarah Ann  6 Aug 1848Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
2 Skews, Louisa  7 Dec 1834Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4024
3 Steadman, Clement Frank  9 Apr 1899Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15352
4 Steadman, Margaret  23 Apr 1815Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3994
5 Stedman, Alfred  2 Apr 1847Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3967
6 Stedman, Charlotte  11 Nov 1839Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3963
7 Stedman, Charlotte  23 May 1847Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3985
8 Stedman, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1833Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3960
9 Stedman, Henry John  27 Jan 1850Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3968
10 Stedman, Henry John  10 Jan 1886Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2203
11 Stedman, James  4 Sep 1840Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3964
12 Stedman, John  13 Apr 1777Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3980
13 Stedman, John  24 Jan 1808Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3972
14 Stedman, John  5 Feb 1837Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3962
15 Stedman, John  19 Dec 1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3984
16 Stedman, Joseph  28 Dec 1814Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3976
17 Stedman, Margaret  22 Nov 1811Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3974
18 Stedman, Margaret  30 Dec 1830Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3959
19 Stedman, Mary  20 Jun 1779Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3981
20 Stedman, Mary  20 Aug 1833Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3987
21 Stedman, Mary  9 Sep 1844Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3966
22 Stedman, Octavius Clement  21 Sep 1890Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3958
23 Stedman, Sarah  9 Jun 1839Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3983
24 Stedman, Sarah Ann  25 Dec 1842Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3965
25 Stedman, Susannah  27 May 1855Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3953
26 Stedman, Thomas  20 Jul 1806Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
27 Stedman, Thomas  27 Feb 1829Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
28 Stedman, Thomas  26 Feb 1832Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3986
29 Stedman, William  6 Aug 1775Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3979
30 Stedman, William  26 Nov 1809Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3973
31 Stedman, William  8 Jan 1835Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3961
32 Stedman, William  5 Nov 1848Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3993
33 Stedman, William John  11 Dec 1868Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Mark Henry  Between 1 Oct 1954 and 31 Dec 1954Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I13190
2 Hackman, Winifred  14 Dec 1954Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9904
3 Harris, Charlotte  1 May 1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3975
4 Stedman, Thomas  9 Aug 1849Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I1271
5 Stedman, Thomas  23 Apr 1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
6 Sudds, Elizabeth  Sep 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2176
7 Treadwell, Henry "Harry"  17 Mar 1971Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Denton, Mary  30 Dec 1812Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2138
2 Munk, Sarah  19 Oct 1867Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3982
3 Openshaw, Frances Maria  13 Jan 1940Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I94745
4 Stedman, Bertie John Benjamin  29 Sep 1950Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I94744
5 Stedman, Charlotte  24 Dec 1839Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3963
6 Stedman, John  28 Apr 1837Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3962
7 Stedman, Joseph  11 Feb 1815Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3976
8 Stedman, Margaret  16 Dec 1814Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3974
9 Stedman, Margaret  14 Apr 1850Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3959
10 Stedman, Mary  27 Dec 1849Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3966
11 Stedman, Sarah Ann  7 Feb 1850Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3965
12 Stedman, Thomas  14 Aug 1849Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I1271
13 Stedman, Thomas  22 Jun 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
14 Stedman, Thomas William  16 Jan 1893Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3952
15 Stedman, William  30 Aug 1865Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3961

1841 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1841 England Census    Person ID 
1 Skews, Louisa  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4024
2 Skews, William  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4058
3 Stedman, John  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3972
4 Stedman, Thomas  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
5 Stedman, Thomas  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
6 Stedman, Thomas  1841Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I1271

1851 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1851 England Census    Person ID 
1 Skews, William  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4058
2 Steadman, William Henry  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4037
3 Stedman, John  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3972
4 Stedman, Thomas  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
5 Ware, Caroline Elizabeth  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3992
6 Ware, George  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4019
7 Wright, Jobina Francis  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4069
8 Wright, Joshua  1851Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4073

1861 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1861 England Census    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Leonard  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4017
2 Blackman, Sarah Ann  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
3 Hancock, George  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3970
4 Harris, Charlotte  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3975
5 Steadman, Joseph  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4047
6 Stedman, James  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3964
7 Stedman, John  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3972
8 Stedman, Thomas  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
9 Stedman, Thomas  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
10 Stedman, William  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3961
11 Ware, Caroline Elizabeth  1861Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3992

1871 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1871 England Census    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Sarah Ann  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
2 Godfrey, Alice Agnes  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4015
3 Godfrey, James  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4013
4 Godfrey, Rosa Minnie  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4016
5 Hancock, George  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3970
6 Skews, Louisa  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4024
7 Stedman, James  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3964
8 Stedman, John  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3984
9 Stedman, Thomas  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
10 Stedman, Thomas  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139
11 Thompson, Stanley Amelius Edward  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4173
12 Ware, Caroline Elizabeth  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3992
13 [--?--], Amelia  1871Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4175

1881 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1881 England Census    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Sarah Ann  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
2 Godfrey, Alice Agnes  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4015
3 Godfrey, James  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4013
4 Godfrey, Rosa Minnie  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4016
5 Hancock, George  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4110
6 Scutts, Alfred Charles  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I8770
7 Scutts, Alfred Henry  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I62
8 Steadman, William Henry  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4037
9 Stedman, Charles  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4064
10 Stedman, Elizabeth  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3960
11 Stedman, Henry John  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3968
12 Stedman, James  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3964
13 Stedman, John  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3984
14 Stedman, Thomas  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
15 Sudds, Elizabeth  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2176
16 Thompson, Stanley Amelius Edward  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4173
17 [--?--], Amelia  1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4175

1891 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1891 England Census    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Edward Aubrey  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3971
2 Hancock, Frederick Alexander  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4116
3 Hancock, Thomas Frederick  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4113
4 Scutts, Alfred Charles  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I8770
5 Scutts, Alfred Henry  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I62
6 Stanfield, Laura Susannah  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9964
7 Stedman, Elizabeth  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3960
8 Stedman, Henry  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2199
9 Stedman, Henry John  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3968
10 Stedman, John  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3984
11 Stedman, Thomas  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3986
12 Stedman, Thomas  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2179
13 Stedman, Thomas William  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3952
14 Stedman, William  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4025
15 Sudds, Elizabeth  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2176
16 Thompson, Stanley Amelius Edward  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4173
17 Ware, Caroline Elizabeth  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3992
18 [--?--], Amelia  1891Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4175

1901 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1901 England Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Ann  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4036
2 Barnard, Alfred  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4196
3 Blackman, Sarah Ann  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
4 Brown, Mary Ann  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4168
5 Dann, Ethel Grace  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9910
6 Godfrey, Alice Agnes  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4015
7 Godfrey, James  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4013
8 Hancock, Edward Aubrey  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3971
9 Hancock, Frederick Alexander  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4116
10 Hancock, Thomas Frederick  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4113
11 Harris, Percy Frederick  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9908
12 Russell, Frank  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15079
13 Russell, Fred  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15081
14 Russell, Gordon  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15076
15 Russell, Hilda  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15078
16 Russell, James  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15077
17 Russell, May  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15080
18 Russell, Thomas Henry  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15075
19 Sargent, Ellen Pomphrey  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4038
20 Steadman, Clement Frank  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I15352
21 Steadman, John  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4041
22 Steadman, William Henry  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4037
23 Stedman, Arthur  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4193
24 Stedman, Charles  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4064
25 Stedman, Henry John  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3968
26 Stedman, James Redmond  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4189
27 Stedman, Percy Barry  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4195
28 Stedman, Susannah  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3953
29 Treadwell, Henry  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9965
30 Ware, Caroline Elizabeth  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3992
31 [--?--], Amelia  1901Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4175

1911 England Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1911 England Census    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Sarah Ann  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4014
2 Godfrey, James  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4013
3 Steadman, John  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4041
4 Steadman, William Henry  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I4054
5 Treadwell, Henry  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9965
6 Treadwell, Henry "Harry"  1911Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I9909

Alt. Baptism

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Baptism    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Thomas  26 Mar 1806Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Thomas  23 Mar 1806Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I2139

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Thomas  1846Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I1271


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Steadman, Elizabeth  Apr 1815Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I3996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Stedman, Thomas  14 Sep 1849Northfleet, Kent, England, UK I1271


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stedman / Page  11 Dec 1881Northfleet, Kent, England, UK F788
2 Thorogood / Stedman  20 Oct 1898Northfleet, Kent, England, UK F1395

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 Stedman / Denton  From 16 Dec 1804 to 30 Dec 1804Northfleet, Kent, England, UK F630