Jun 232012

I have been revising my Stedman History pages that had been posted on my original stedmanfamily.org site and moving them to this site. Please feel free to check them out and leave comments here with updates or corrections.

The focus of the pages will be the History of the Surname, History of the Families in the UK to 1800, and History of the Stedman Families in Colonial America. These pages will be a work in progress for a while so I really am interested in your comments…

When I have moved all of the existing pages over from the old site that still have value, I will be shutting the old site down and moving the stedmanfamily.org domain to this site.


  One Response to “New Stedman History pages”

  1. I wonder if you “know” anything about a “Herrn Ad. Welti-Stedman” who resided at Weissenbuhlweg 17 Berne Switzerland” in 1912?

    I am asking as I have a postcard addressed to him from Tangier Morocco in April 1912 which seems to be a business related card.


    Murray Gellatly

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